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    Facebook: Skip Hill
    Instagram: @intensemuscle
    YouTube: TEAMSKIP
    TikTok: @intensemuscle

    For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

    Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:

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    Originally posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
    Dudes waist disappeared.
    You're perfect, yes it's true. But without're only you.


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      That's my buddy Steedee.....good work


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        Great job, what time frame was that if you don't mind?
        "Be gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it."
        Buck Brannaman.

        "It is the certainty of punishment that deters crime, not the severity of it."
        'Hanging' Judge PARKER

        "Nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature... what compulsions drive a man, what instincts dominate his action... if you know these things about a man you can touch him at the core of his being."
        ~William Bernbach


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          I believe he said 21 weeks on Facebook.

          Originally posted by SAHD View Post
          Great job, what time frame was that if you don't mind?


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            Awesome stuff. Is he competing, and if so, how far out is he in the pic on the right?


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              Hey guys!

              Just noticed this.

              Yeah was 21 weeks in total. I did compete and I cant remember exactly how far out I was here. Was only a week or 2 if I can remember.

              Was the easiest prep I had done. If you cant diet for 6 days a week then something is seriously wrong.

              Props to Skip as per usual for his magic....


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                Awesome work