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Jared as a heavyweight this last weekend

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  • Jared as a heavyweight this last weekend

    After placing around 13th as a lightheavy a year or so ago, he moved up to 7th this year but as a heavyweight.

    We are headed into the off season to fill out his frame more so that he can stand toe to toe with the big dogs in that division. I still think he can be tighter as my initial thoughts are that we may have loaded him about 1 day too close to the show but we are happy with his condition and the package that we displayed for this show.

    Looking forward to stepping it up again for the next show!

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    Very thick....



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      Looks great, but you can definitely see he has potential. This will be an interesting progression for sure.
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        Surprise!! LOL

        Thanks Skip we are going to do BIG things I think.

        And since you love before and after so much, here is me in 2007 at 235lbs before finding my way to Skiploading. (almost 5 years ago to the date actually)

        i.e. this was my off season "bulk" before cutting to 173 to compete that year as a middleweight. I placed 5th at that show
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          Well done.
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