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  • Fixing Muscle Imbalances - EliteFTS


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    Great article, Skip!

    I know for me personally, I had a HUGE, disparaging difference from left to right on everything upper body - lats, shoulders, pecs, obliques, bis, tris, traps...EVERYTHING.
    Why? because I was a pitcher in baseball and didn't do any weight training to balance the excessive training the right side received.
    It was just plain ridiculous!
    Once I stopped baseball and began weight training, things began to balance out. Thankfully, I've never really used anything other than BB, BD and iso-lateral machines.
    As a result, while I can notice the remaining imbalances, they are mostly corrected and getting better all the time.

    Thanks for the article! Truth!
    Unless a man undertakes more than he can possibly do, he will never do all he can.

    Unfathomable progress is the result of consistent, daily steps toward a single goal