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Latest Rant on EliteFTS: Bodybuliding Panhandling

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  • Latest Rant on EliteFTS: Bodybuliding Panhandling


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    This isn't just limited to amateurs trying to get their pro card either; I've seen pros doing this too.

    2017 NPC National Championships Classic Physique, Class D - 4th Place
    2017 NPC New England Championships Classic Physique, Class C - 1st Place
    2017 NPC East Coast Cup Classic Physique, Tall Class - 1st Place & Overall
    2015 Arnold Amateur Men's Classic Bodybuilding, Tall Class - 4th Place
    2013 NPC Europa Battle of Champions - 1st Place Novice Heavyweight, 2nd Place Open Light-Heavyweight


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      Somewhat relevant; years ago FLEX had more than a few spots in their magazines asking readers/fans to donate money to help with Mike Matarazzo's medical bills. They claimed he had no knowledge of it and that they were doing it on his behalf because "he's brought so much joy and happiness to us all and deserves our support." Maybe I'm a huge jerk, but I was insulted and disgusted by this. It's unfortunate he suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery and all that, but it was self-inflicted and he knew the risks. Using gear, eating 3 or more pounds of red meat, and a jar of peanut butter a day in addition to everything else is something anyone can see would be detrimental to their health. I always viewed that situation as 'you've made your bed, now lie in it.'


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        Oh lawdy.
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          I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
          I too like to live dangerously