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Please give me your feedback: Prepared Meals

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  • Please give me your feedback: Prepared Meals

    I am looking for your opinions and experience with having prepared meals shipped to your door so that you don't have to cook meals. This is becoming quite popular these days and now that there is competition in the market, the cost is becoming much better, as well.

    I am not familiar with the market and need to look into some of the more reliable companies that are doing this. It doesn't need to be only dieting foods but it does need to be a bit of a middle ground between health and tasting good.

    Who do you recommend and what has your experience been with them - good or bad.

    All feedback is appreciated.


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    Have not tried them myself, as with most things when you live in the middle of no where, the shipping costs kill me. I see that Rich Piana is getting into the prepared food market and seems to be a huge comsumer.


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      No names in particular ever really jumped out at me but then again I don't CF. A lot of the companies I come across deliver to the box for added convenience and also to keep costs down I would imagine.
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        I've not tried this company so I can't vouch personally, but I know people who use and love modPaleo. I'm not sure what type of meals you want to look into. In addition to friends really approving of this company, they seem to have great reviews on Facebook as well.


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          I've tried 2 companies in Canada and both were good. A little pricey. Could be good for a trip but to do for an entire prep would be too costly.


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            Skip, I just seen this. I used Fuel Meals when I was TDY to Wisconsin and PA and had run out of food. Price was high...but as you know I'm a pretensous ass when it comes to food and they tasted quite good and list all macros on each meal. I did custom meals but i did try teriyaki stir fry and its damn good. DO NOT order the cod...


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              I'm in Florida and a local competitor owns a restaurant and does prepped meals it comes out to 6 bucks a meal which was ok but still way more expensive then just cooking myself it was only convenient when I was taking 18 credits and working 20+hrs a week there was just no time to cook.

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                google blue apron, plated or hello fresh. blue apron is the largest home food delivery service in the u.s.


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                  As you've already mentioned these meals can be quite costly and thus the main reason I've never used them. Now I don't know what your personal feelings/opinions on Rich Piana are but during the course of recent video series he did, he utilized a meal prep company which I believe he plans to partnering up with. He also mentions how crazy the price of these things are and wanted to find away to offer a good product ,while at a more affordable price. I think he's plans on offering his meals for about $6.00 a pop.
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                    I heard Blue Apron is good.


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                      In my town i could order only food like pizza, sushi or fries
                      So i cook everything by myself.