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TEAM SKIP HIIT and MISS Cardio System

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    I do HIIT, 2 times a week right now. Level 4. Total time 23 mins. 3 Min warm up, 2 min cool down. Except for the last one. I speed it up even more, and sprint for 15 secs. My HR usually gets to 165 to 175.


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      Originally posted by Collabera View Post
      I wish my girlfriend liked it short and sweet.
      Better than what I offer: Long and bitter.
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      kind of a douche


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        I like the outline to this HIIT protocol and scaling the intensity as one progresses and adapts.

        definitely agree on HIIT earlier on when the body is fresh and scaling it to a peak and letting MISS aid recovery going into a show. also closer to a show more aggressive drug use and lower calories so diet will be the main manipulating variable here on out.


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          Originally posted by Sammich View Post
          Better than what I offer: Long and bitter.
          Lol how did I miss this?

          I am curious what people have seen with the higher levels like 6 and up?

          Do we care more about total time spent blasting or total time doing cardio altogether? I ask because I want to find something comparable to typical MISS times like 20, 30, and 45 minutes.

          Maybe a more specific question is what is a bare minimum for off season cardio and what would be a minimum for prep? Maximum fat loss versus keeping fat off during off season and health.

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            Thanks for this clarification here Skip. Looking forward to implementing this where necessary.