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I film ep 7 tomorrow for Q and A - shoot me a question

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  • I film ep 7 tomorrow for Q and A - shoot me a question

    Post a question here for the filming of the Q and A tomorrow if you have one and I will add it into this episode.



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    Hi Skip

    i know the answer to the follow question varies greatly depending on the person but..

    offseason cardio (i.e. when bulking) - type and frequency, how long?- just wanted to get your view on this

    my apologies in advance if this is not appropriate/relevant for the Q&A




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      My question is kind of specific, but I will broaden it..

      Would Ezekiel bread be better for post workout, than white bread? What do you look for in a post workout meal and carb sourcing.


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        Given you are a prep guy and Kia Green always comes in off peak, could you prep him to victory? I know you are no fan of Kia and neither am I.

        What pro's would you most want to prep?
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          Have you ever been asked about your drug use by your kids? If so how did you handle it?

          I know this is coming in the future for me and i'm not sure if there is a "right" way to answer it.
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