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  • Name the Till I Collapse DVD contest

    Let me explain as this might not make sense:

    I plan to use "Till I Collapse" as the minor title of the new DVD so I need a major title or "main" title and cannot come up with anything yet. The main reason I want to do this is to brand the DVD as best I can so that when you search for it on a search engine, it is easy to find. If I only go with Till I Collapse the only thing that will come up is Eminem.

    Example: "TEAM SKIP: Till I Collapse" or something like that (but I don't like that). It would be much, much better if I can someone work "Skip" into it for branding purposes but it doesn't HAVE to be this way. I just think it would be better. I have come up with some really bad ones but nothing I like so I am offering 10 pounds of TEAM SKIP protein from to anyone that can come up with something that I want to use. You can list as many as you want to in this thread and if I use it I will give you 10 pounds of my TEAM SKIP blend stash straight from my pantry.

    I lay claim to "SkipMode: Till I Collapse" not because I think it is awesome but because it is the best of all of the shitty names I have come up with so far.


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    Skip the skin: till i collapse
    Skipped and peeled: till I collapse
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      Signed Peeled and Delivered

      From Skip to Rip

      The Road to Skipload



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        Never Skip Out

        Sliced, Diced & Skiploaded

        Use my discount code JHR112 and get 5% off at

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          Skip INVASION: till I collapse

          REDEMPTION: till I collapse


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            Hop & Skip : Till I Collapse


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              Skin Is Overrated: Till I Collapse
              "The Dude Abides" Please Use Discount Code: JNC825


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                Even people that don't know the site or you personally, still know skip loads. In my opinion it's your biggest hit in branding. Its how i found the site way back when. I know it doesn't marry well with the subject matter of the DVD as that is only one aspect of the till i collapse story.
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                  Side bar i once (maybe twice ) actually did skip load until i collapsed. I woke up in a joyous puddle of sweat surrounded by wrappers of random pastries and gummies, and a worried girl friend that thought i was dead.


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                    From Poptarts to Muscle: Till I Collapse.

                    I've been thinking about this all day. Look, I admit, I love the Team Skip Protein.
                    "The Dude Abides" Please Use Discount Code: JNC825


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                      So, um...yea...I had just a few minutes free.. lol
                      I know, a bit excessive and some are pretty Cheesetastic (my word) but didn't wanna leave anything out! The ones in bold are my fav's...

                      Longevity 2.0: Till I Collapse

                      SkipLegend: Till I Collapse

                      Skip's New Wheels: Till I Collapse

                      SkipGrowth: Till I collapse

                      Never to Old to Grow: Till I Collapse

                      Skip to the End: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Heavy: Till I Collapse

                      Skip the Scale: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Elite: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Mental: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Reality: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Vision: Till I Collapse

                      Skip n Skid: Till I Collapse

                      Skip the Breaks: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Beast: Till I Collapse

                      Skip the Beat: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Reborn: Till I Collapse

                      SkipLegacy: Till I Collapse

                      Skip's Opus: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Bent: Till I Collapse

                      Skipbolic: Till I Collapse

                      Skip's Last Stand: Till I Collapse

                      Skipfinity: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Redeemed: Till I Collapse

                      Skip 2.0: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Remade: Till I Collapse

                      SkipSwole: Till I Collapse

                      SkipGen: Till I Collapse

                      SkipMax: Till I Collapse

                      Skiptensity: Till I Collapse

                      SkipLarge:Till I Collapse

                      Skip XXXL: Till I Collapes

                      SkipJakked: Till I Collapse

                      SkipForce: Till I Collapse

                      SkipStoked: Till I Collapse

                      SkipAmped: Till I Collapse

                      Skipified: Till I Collapse

                      Skip Unplugged: Till I Collapse

                      Ripped Skip: Till I Collapse

                      SkipRipped: Till I Collapse

                      SkipRep'd: Till I Collapse

                      SkipBombed: Till I Collapse

                      SkipGas'd: Till I Collapse

                      SkipBlasted: Till I Collapse

                      SkipRuled: Till I Collapse

                      SkipCharged: Till I Collapse

                      SkipBoss'd: Till I Collapse

                      SkipMass'd: Till I Collapse

                      SkipGenesis: Till I Collapse

                      SkipStacked: Till I Collapse

                      SkipEvolution:Till I Collapse

                      Skipventure:Till I Collapse

                      SkipHazard: Till I Collapse

                      Longevity 2: Super Swole One Last Time
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                        I actually like the Longevity 2: Till I Collapse quite a bit. It isnt awesome sounding but it would search well in engines because of the first dvd titled longevity too. If they couldnt find the 2nd dvd but they find the 1st then they would find both.

                        Not bad but not sold on it yet.

                        I wonder if the name really needs Skip in there? Maybe it doesnt. Maybe 1 word like passion or drive (both have been used but you get my point). If 1 word can feed Till I collapse that would work too.


                        Facebook: Skip Hill
                        Instagram: @intensemuscle
                        YouTube: TEAMSKIP
                        TikTok: @intensemuscle

                        For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

                        Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:


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                          Hell, at one point I was going to call it Longevity 2: Till Death Do Us Part.


                          Facebook: Skip Hill
                          Instagram: @intensemuscle
                          YouTube: TEAMSKIP
                          TikTok: @intensemuscle

                          For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

                          Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:


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                            You could also subtitle it like they do with Books.

                            Something like

                            Longevity 2: 'Till I collapse
                            An Aging Meat Heads Final Push For Size

                            This gets you the brand recognition of the first DVD (if they find the 2nd they can go back to the first now), the subtitle lets the reader know instantly what the DVD is about and can give them something to relate to and let them know if they want to check it out, and it gets in the "till i collapse" in there ...

                            Although in all honestly I would drop "Till I collapse" if you are going after brand recognition and Search Engine visibility... It does nothing but a disservice as you mentioned with the Eminem crossover, and it doesn't really hint at what the DVD is about in any meaningful way, someone 20 years old on their first cycle could easily name their DVD that too.

                            If you were scrolling google or YouTube, would be you enticed to watch a video entitled Longevity 2: Till I Collapse? I dont think it grabs attention.

                            My personal recommendation if those things (Brand recog, attention grabbing, Search engine visibility) are you goals would be something like:

                            Longevity 2: One Last Hurrah
                            An Aging Meat Heads Final Push For Size

                            The title gives away that you are a body builder, have been doing this a long time, and you are going to do something interesting or unique for a final, big finish. This lets the reader who doesnt know you at all know exactly what to expect the second they read it and will help them decide if they want to click the link.


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                              Or perhaps instead of Till I Collapse. Something like Still Standing, as to not highlight the fall but relish the victory?