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New Rant: The Scale is LIVE

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  • New Rant: The Scale is LIVE


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    Awesome read, made me bloody belly laugh. So true how that little digit not going down at the end of the week in prep, really can screw your mind if you allow it too

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      Sad but true.. .

      Read it to my wife who commented "my god he's talking about me".....

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        Great article Skip. It's too true that sometimes the best thing to do is not worry about the scale so much. It's hard, but it's not the be all and end all of progress...

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          Awesome article, Skip! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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            Great article And very true I used to live by the scale when I was younger . I only wish I would have read this 10 years ago : )


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              Love this everyone where I am bodybuilders has this magical 250lb mark they HAVE to be at. Sure that is great but if your 35% bodyfat does it really matter....?

              Makes me laugh all the time. I will keep to staying a bit leaner.


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                I liked it and sent the link to a few friens too.
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                  Good read.
                  I always follow the calipers and tape measure

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                    Damn it. I just bought a new scale and I think I may have to throw it away...


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                      I only worry about a food scale.