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Looking to book 2 more client trips starting in July

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  • Looking to book 2 more client trips starting in July

    I am going to start booking client trips again, asap, either traveling here to Colorado to train here with me or my traveling to you to train with you in your hometown.

    Availability will be opening up late July so let me know if you are interested and need more information. I have had one client here in Colorado about a week ago and I traveled to Ohio about 3 weeks ago to train there with clients and it was a lot of fun. The feedback was very positive and I am looking forward to doing more of this type of work in the future.

    Email me if interested: [email protected]


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    Have you thought about having those clients post their feedback here at IM? Be nice to hear their perspective of the pros/cons.
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    My Training Log Here at IM

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      Sure thing.

      There is a lot to say but I will try to keep it brief and relevant.

      It was a very eye opening experience for me. Skip walks the walk. Period. His focus and discipline is amazing. Preparing meals and making sure he gets them in the right amounts no matter what is going on takes dedication and foresight.

      You get a chance to pick his brain and learn what he has gone through in the last 30 years as a competitive bodybuilder. Priceless. Skip is very open and holds nothing back. Nothing. I asked several questions which I know most people would shy away from but he had no reservations.
      ( these questions were training related btw but if I know skip no topic is taboo lol !!)

      You get to train with him which is a lot of fun once the altitude stops messing with your head ! Educational too that's a given.

      You also get to hang out with someone who you instantly become friends with. It's a bromance to be sure ha ha.

      You get to carb load with a master of culinary destruction. The man can put down food that would make kobiyashi jealous. I mean food carnage. Armageddon. It was glorious. It has to experienced. I haven't even come close since I left.

      Bottom line is it was a shitload of fun. He puts things into perspective for you and teaches you to enjoy the journey. He has an unique way of looking at the sport, training and well... Life.

      I have asked him if I could come back every 6 months or so just to monitor progress and train with him and get retuned.

      I am already waiting impatiently for December to get here.

      If you have the chance do it. You will not regret it.


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        My decision to hire Skip as my trainer, is the best I've made.
        We have worked together for over a year.
        From the start I felt at ease. I love his direct and honest approach.
        We have made excellent progress and I have learned so much!

        So when my brother decided to bring him out to Ohio, I was so excited!
        Due to my schedule I could only spend one day with him.
        We got to workout together which was awesome! I was able to pick up on little things thru out our workout.
        Also sitting down with him and having time to discuss bodybuilding, nutrition and life was pretty cool! Skip is very easy to talk too.
        He doesn't act like things are top secret but he truly shares with you what he has learned over the years!
        For me I am sold! I will be getting advice from him for as long as possible.
        So yes, I'd say if you have a desire to learn more.... Skip is your man!