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12/6/11 Chill around these parts

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  • 12/6/11 Chill around these parts

    Just chillin'.

    This is the time of the year I like the best because I am under the lowest amount of stress vs. any other time of the year. There are no competitions at this time of the year so I may have some clients starting on preps that are real early in the next season but by-and-large, things are not chaotic. Even most of my regular off season clients are chill at this time of the year having some Holiday fun and only running at about 96% as opposed to wide open at 100%. It gives me a nice break before the New Year when it gets hectic again.

    I usually take this time off from the gym, too, which helps to slow things down. I have trained for almost 30 years so taking off a month during the Holidays only helps me to be fresh both physically and mentally when I come back to the gym early January. I also get more time with my family without having to force myself to go to the gym at this time. I say "force" because I tend to just not have as much ambition to train during the Holidays. Not sure what it is but I don't fight it. I just sit back and enjoy this time of the year.

    Of course, as most of you know, I had little choice as to whether I wanted to train last month due to my back injury. Still, I probably could have pushed through but just figured taking it easy and making sure my back was ready to go by January would be better than gambling with it by training during a time that I don't enjoy training, anyway.

    So, I have all of this extra time to chill with my family and I am even getting some pretty consistent card playing in, as well. My game has come up considerably in the last few months. If you play online, hit me up and I will let you know where I play when I play online.

    We are looking forward to a great Holiday Season here at the Skip house and I hope you all are, as well!

    I will be back full force with my training by the 2nd of January so that I hopefully don't show up for the Seminar in Plano, TX looking like a fat ass. Thanks to everyone that has hit me up and asked about my back. Much appreciated.


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