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Should I Skipload this week?

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  • Should I Skipload this week?

    Been going for about 8 weeks. Like clockwork I have been dropping about 2lbs a week until this week. I am about 1lb up from last week weigh in (which is odd because my skipload last week was the smallest one far).

    Would you recommend skiploading today, or holding off til my weight drops.

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    I'm pretty sure the only time he changes the skipload is if you are base lining too late (at the beginning when trying determine initial load timeframe) or too early (towards the end of your diet when need start loading longer). Everything else is controlled by your macros during the week.

    I'm not skip, but if it has been working for 8 weeks and it stopped this week, maybe it's time to change weekly macros?

    Also, why would you have a skipload that was "by far" smaller than the others? Perhaps it being too small was the reason your weight stalled?
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      Small Skipload = not a good idea.


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        Small skipload was more or less just forced eating cause I was sick and helping a family member move haha.

        Thank you both for responding!

        I'm sure it must have been the small skipload. I baselined about 36 hours after this time, usually its about twice that long.
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