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Skiploading, Cardio and Circadian rhythm

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  • Skiploading, Cardio and Circadian rhythm

    Skip, sorry if this is more in tune with personal training aspect. How do you schedule or modify cardio and Skiploading to meet the needs of a fast rotating shift and rotating days off. My schedule goes like this; I work a two week schedule days or nights. Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. 12 hour shifts. 30 minute drive home. Days I think is relatively easy as far as working out. up early cardio and cardio or workout after work. Yes at about 630 pm is not ideal for after workout nutrition, but it's what I got. Nights is a wierd, I was thinking cardio before bed and upon waking. But workouts have to be upon waking which screws up cardio other than before bed during nights. The other issue is Skiploading, I guess on Sundays, while working, I could take food to work or such. Just picking your brain.. Thanks, neadless to say my Circadian Rhythm is about screwed up as it can be.... Right when it gets in the swing, shift changes.
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    If you are stuck, postworkout cardio is the next best thing. I don't think it is ideal but it damned sure will still work if your schedule needs it.

    As for the loading, taking food to work sounds like it would work fine. If your load isn't real long you COULD do it on a training day if you train in the a.m. but the problem you run into later on is if you are getting really lean, you will need a longer load and that can get in the way of your training and not allow you enough hours in the day to get everything done.


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