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Is This 160lber Skiploading Right?

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  • Is This 160lber Skiploading Right?

    Hi Skip,

    I don't remember how I found this site or your Longevity DVD but they have both been amazing in helping me to understand things more.

    I am not a bodybuilder but a boxer that needs to keep low body fat levels to stick to the welter weight limit.

    I am 6' 158lb, roughly 8-10% bf. I know skinny as hell but I have a huge advantage in height and reach and I am still really strong (punching ability wise) at that weight.

    Rep maxes:

    Deadlift: 350lb x 1
    Dips: body weight + 132lb x 2
    Chins: body weight + 110lb x 1

    Anyway onto the question..

    I know you have said that hunger should be the gauge to how many carbs you eat during a skipload and that you have seen 120lb female figure models out eat male bodybuilders.. Well I'm that 120lber compared to you guys but I can not stop eating.

    Or at least I couldn't stop. It has been roughly 7 hours since I started and have managed to consume 1100g carbs and i am only just starting to slow down.

    It's so weird, I'm almost craving broccoli! haha

    It been mostly made up of cereals, sweets and slowly moved to more starchy foods such as pasta.

    The first 900g went down a piece of piss. But you have said your body craves what it needs so maybe my body just needs them?

    Does this seem on track?

    thank you.
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    Hey Champ, could you post your training routine please? I'll let one of the experts answer your question, but I'm just nosy about what your training looks like!



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      I am a competitive boxer so that is my main focus. Boxing specific conditioning is done 3 days per week (Mon, Wed and Friday) and technical work is done 2 times per week (Tue and Thursday). Saturday and Sunday are rest days.

      Boxing conditioning includes 10-20 minutes steady state jump rope, followed by 15-30 minutes of continuous bag work (no rounds) keeping my heart rate between 150-160 bpm. Then pad work with the coach (usually 3 rounds) and finish with some upper body endurance exercises.

      Strength training I use Dan John's Even Easier Strength routine:

      It is a high frequency, low volume routine aimed at strength gains while minimizing mass gains (I know this is down to calories but it does help). Basically its aimed at neurological strength gains.

      I do this workout 4-5 per week using the deadlift, weighted dips and weighted chins and Landmine twists.

      I find this program is excellent for recovery and makes me feel so much better than lower frequency, higher volume routines. I found this out recently when I thought I needed a change in program when really all I needed to do was alter excercises but keep the principles the same. So I have just swapped conventional deads for sumo and OHP for dips, Just dont know what to switch chins (hands facing you) with as I don't like pull ups with palms facing outwards?


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        So totals for yesterday:

        1400g carbs
        50g fat
        200g protein.

        Water intake was less than normal an probably managed about 1.5 litres for the day.

        Woke up 6lb heavier. Going to go on 2000 a day calories during the week and see if I base line, I bloody hope I do!! Haha.


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          First, glad that you are enjoying the information from the DVD. It never gets old hearing this.

          As for your post, I am not sure what question you have or what your concern is. I am guessing that you are concerned that your Skipload is too high in carbs? Umm... No. Well, not as far as whether your body needs them BUT ... you have a different situation in that you are trying to actually NOT grow and stay within a weight class that your body may not want to be in, at all.

          I completely understand why you want to limit your growth but that isn't my forte. I need people growing as much muscle as possible and getting as lean as possible. So, your situation is very different.

          Now, if I take my experience with my protocol and apply it to your situation, I am sure that I could get it to work but your goals are different. You would basically be Skiploading to maintain weight, not drop any lower or gain any (because you need to stay below the cut off). So, you need to fuel your workouts and keep your condition and weight where it is.

          If that is the case, you just need to make sure that you baseline every week and not worry about dropping below baseline. With the metabolism that you have now that allows you to eat so many carbs, you will likely baseline pretty quickly and if that is the case, the Skipload isn't big enough at 1400g.

          There are other factors that could be at play: ie: your cals might be too low during the week and this is allowing you to become too depleted by the time the weekend rolls around so your body is hungry because it needs to replenish and not be depleted. I can't know that because I don't have the details of your diet during the week.

          There is a lot of information that I would have to see and go over and play with your Skipload and weekly calories but that would be pretty indepth and ... that's what I get paid for.

          I would first see when you baseline and if you baseline before the weekend then you are good and the load isn't too big. The earlier in the week you baseline will tell you whether the load needs to be bigger or if it is good where it is.

          Still, you need to figure out if your energy is good during the week to get an idea of whether your cals during the week are appropriate or not.

          I wouldn't be opposed to adding a boxer to my resume so if you can't figure it out and want me to nail it down for you, do let me know. I would be happy to discuss working with you.


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            Thanks for the reply Skip.

            I still have about 3lbs of fat to lose and was using the skipload as a way to keep my metabolism high so I can achieve this.

            Calories in the week vary from 2000-2500 during the week using a tcd and intermittent fasting.

            A weekly average of 2500 maintained my weight, but volume and intensity was greatly reduced as I had a fight planed the Friday just gone.

            Would love to have someone like you guiding my nutrition. Going have to put some extra hours in at work


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              Save that chedda!

              If you are baselining and dropping below, at all by week's end, you should be fine to drop the other 3 pounds without much problem then, I would think.


              Facebook: Skip Hill
              Instagram: @intensemuscle
              YouTube: TEAMSKIP
              TikTok: @intensemuscle

              For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

              Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:


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                Any chance of you starting a log up Champion? I'm thinking of taking up boxing, so it would be great have an insight into a boxers training etc.


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                  Originally posted by melkor1 View Post
                  Any chance of you starting a log up Champion? I'm thinking of taking up boxing, so it would be great have an insight into a boxers training etc.
                  Good idea. Never done an online log before so could be good to put some notes around.

                  Still haven't baselined yet. I am expecting for it to happen tomorrow morning though..

                  I have basically moved to a CKD since the refeed and I am cutting roughly 500 -700 calories below maintenance a day. The strange thing is I have felt great all week during training even though I am eating below 30g of carbs and they are green vegetable based. Well tbh thinking about it the load itself would definitely be able to fuel me for virtually the whole week.

                  Another thing regarding the baseline and the reason it has taken to long to drop.. I'm thinking my body is just excellent at preserving the glycogen it has stored due to me being an endurance athlete.

                  Even though I have completed two 1.5 hours boxing sessions and two low volume strength sessions since the load, most of the time my heart rate never gets above 85% max so my body must be efficient at burning fat for the energy demand and sparing the glycogen. So maybe that why it would take me longer to baseline?

                  Just a thought.


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                    Quick update.

                    I did my original skipload an dropped 1lb below baseline. Great

                    Did a another skipload again this weekend but increased it to 1600g of carbs this time and I am nealy baselining already but get this.. This is after having another high carb night yesterday of 500g! That's only one day after my skipload

                    For the past 1.5 months this has been the hardest weight cut I have done. I just couldn't drop to the weight that I was just 3 months ago.

                    So I looked back at my food logs from October - November 2012, this was for a December tournament and I made the weight easy! The one thing I noticed is I was doing what would be considered 6 hour skiploads, 3 times per week

                    So three days a week post boxing training I was consuming 500-700g of carbs of cereal and almond milk. I have finally realised my body just loses weight eating carbs and loads of them.

                    So I have been depriving myself doing keto and all that shit because 'carbs are the enemy!' The weight would not drop, I looked like shit and I was feeling depressed, one from the scale not moving and two probably low serotonin levels lol! When really if i looked back at my past food logs (thank god I saved them) I would see that my body just responds to high days of carbs with a few low days thrown in.

                    Going to see how I drop below baseline this week.

                    Thanks skip


                    And this just shows how true it is when you tell people there are just too many variables to give people general guidelines for carbs amounts for losing weight. I don't lose weight on low carbs yet another guy would thrive off it.
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                      MMmm carbs. Sounds like you're on track to reach your goals! Definitely start a journal - I'd be interested in following along with your progress.
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                        I am happy to hear that you are seeing how it all comes together and that carbs aren't bad like a lot of people will tell you. Most of it is about timing and making sure that your metabolism is working for you, not against you.


                        Facebook: Skip Hill
                        Instagram: @intensemuscle
                        YouTube: TEAMSKIP
                        TikTok: @intensemuscle

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                          Thanks for the replies

                          Think I messed my calories up a little this week as I only expect to return to baseline tomorrow. I'm also going to move my refeed to Sunday as That is a pure rest day whereas Saturday I don't train but I have a full shift at work lifting things all day.

                          Could be possible water retention that I am slightly above baseline.

                          *edit* Infact I know I messed my calories up as Wednesday I basically had a mid week mini refeed at slightly above maintenance with 600g of carbs pwo. It only pushed me slightly above my previous refeed baseline but I wouldn't have depleted much glycogen since then so a session tonight will probably see me drop again.
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