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Skipload vs. training

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  • Skipload vs. training

    Skip, on the DVD you mention very specifically that training should not take place on the day that you skipload.
    The problem that I have is my current split is two on one off, so I'm not "off" every Sun.

    The solutions that I have come up with would be to just take Sun. off and push my training back one day if it falls on a Sun. Or I could make my split go Mon. Tue. thur. Fri. and just take every weekend off. Or would training be OK on the occaisional skipload? I usually train in the evening so my load would be done many hours before the training.

    Thanks Skip, The DVD rocks!
    Heavy squats fix everything.

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    If you have to, train on the day of the load, yes. If you do have to, train early in the day and then start your load after training. Where it becomes a problem is if you get to such a long Skipload that you run out of time to load before you have to go to bed.


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      Thank you for the reply Skip. I don't think I will be able to get a workout in pre skipload so I am modifying my schedule to just take Sun. off.
      I work nights, and most of the time my schedule is Thur, Fri, Sat. So Sun morning I am in bed from about 8am to 1pm, so my skipload would go well into the night if I hit up training first. It's good to know though that that is possible because I do have a couple weekends off coming up.
      Heavy squats fix everything.