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A pic from Blade - 16 years old and DC'in it

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  • A pic from Blade - 16 years old and DC'in it

    This is Blade once again...
    Sorry for the bad quality of the pic but I had to compress it and had to change the format because it was too large in its original form.
    Im 16 years old at the time and somewhat around 192 pounds at 5'6 (maybe 5'6,5), I have lowered my fat percentage the last months and Im gonna lowered it a little bit more. Ive been training since 2/27/2002, had a pretty big break in the beginning of 2003 due to illness. I originally wanted to compete this year but I changed my mind and Im going to wait competing for at least 2 years... Maybe I shouldnt post this pic because it just a single biceps shot.... But I just wanted to show Ive put on some size while DCin it since I promised DC a huge transformation (he probably forgot about it since hes so busy but I asked him to train me 6 months ago, now I truly understand why he didnt take on anyone under the ago of 18 but thats a different story)
    Ill post some more CLEAR pics with normal poses within a month, I just want to lower my bf a little more and I just got a digital cam and no one was around this time (well at least not anyone who I want to show my mediocre body too )



    "Keep your purpose in mind, simply go to the gym and do your workout, do it well and don't worry
    what other people are doing. Confidence will grow as you achieve."

    "If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of
    victory is high, but so are the rewards"

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    man, your tri's are huge, great job bro!!

    DC STYLE!!!