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  • just turned 50


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    thanks for looking


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      Dang, awesome for any age, let alone 50.


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        Yes, impressive at any age.
        "Be gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it."
        Buck Brannaman.

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        'Hanging' Judge PARKER

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          I didn't recognize the name at first.

          Welcome, friend. Glad you are here.


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            Awesome physique. This gives me hope that if I play it smart I will have plenty of time left to do what I love.
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              Now that is inspiring. Also glad to see I am not the only guy who rocks the beanie.

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                Not far behind you in age, and that pic is an inspiration.


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                  You're looking awesome man, simply awesome!
                  "If you're ready to do DC, you're not gonna give a flying f*(k about fatigue from the previous exercise. You get under the bar and kill it, each and every time." - homonunculus

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                    awesome, love seeing older guys still cracking away!


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                        Nice Job!
                        "SET NO LIMITS"

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                          Good for you,great job!