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  • work in progress/critique

    Hi everyone, I'm posting up some pics of my current transformation in progress. I took most of 2013 off from any kind of serious training and needed to get my shit together after the long layoff.

    These two pics are about 10 weeks apart. First pic was taken 12/9/13. Also let me apologize in advance for my blinding white skin .

    Starting weight was 192 and I'm currently down to about 173. I've been following a structured IF diet for the last 12 weeks.

    Haven't done any cardio up to this point and it would be sweet to get shredded without ever needing it but I'll have to keep track of that as time goes on. My overall goal is to get down to single digit body fat and then slowly bulk back up while staying as lean as possible. At that point I'd be happy with a 1-2lb gain per month on average. I'm in no rush with any of this but ideally I would like to reach my goals for getting "ripped" no later than May of this year.

    I know there isn't a whole lot to go by with just these two pictures but ANY and ALL critique is welcome and appreciated. Thanks
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    Ill say one thing...due to the marked distances of photos and lighting - your lost about 20 inches from your waist!
    Well done all the same. Keep on truckin

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      Thanks Martin. I've lost a little over 6 inches around the waist. I will post better quality pics in a few weeks.


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        That's great for such short time. Like you said from the pictures it's really hard to tell, but I would say you need to bring up your upper chest and what are you doing for core exercises? Keep up the good work!!


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          No critiques for you but keep up the good work. That's a nice change in 10 weeks.
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            Thanks for the feedback guys!

            @buildingzt - I agree, upper chest can use some size. I am am going to try to work DB incline presses into my program for starters. I just need to be careful how I approach them due to a on going shoulder issue.

            It's not noticeable in these pics but I need more rear delt and tricep development in a bad way.

            I train 3 days a week and throw ab work in at the end of each training session. I typically do 2 different exercises for 3 sets each til failure per training session. Standing band crunches, hanging leg raises, an ab wheel, the occasional ab machine and an exercise that I think is called "olympic abs" make up my ab work for the week.