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  • 'Transformation'

    Alright - First - I have no intention of stepping on a stage so imbalances and symmetry are probably ever present in my photos, at to those who are more keen on that sort of stuff. Plus, some shots my full body isn't in it lol but it is what it is

    I've been battling to get lean enough for some abs. Always been kind of big & bulky & fat, or periods where I slacked and become "normal" looking. So last May, I decided to try to get "ripped. I started at 205 with bf unknown, but I'd say it was close to 18-20%. Lifts were skyrocketing, but so was my fat ass.

    -First Picture (back shot): February 2012
    -Second Picture (back shot): June 2012
    -Third Picture (back shot): October 2012

    -Fourth Picture: (shitty flex thing) : July 2012
    -Fifth Picture: October 7th, 2012
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    Here's my last one: Full body

    So, I just wanted to share. Not done yet.
    Looking back, I do kind of miss the mass, but not the fatness. I haven't suffered alot in my lifts, but they did take a punch in the nose. However, I'm looking fucking great so who cares! plus squatting 315 for a few reps @ 165 in my lame-ass gym is considered "amazing" LOL
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      Good progress sure you feel alot better and you look better too