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Okay guys, tear me apart..some vids of me

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  • Okay guys, tear me apart..some vids of me

    These vids were taken right at the beggining of my offseason last year
    In Nov. I was 188 in one vid an 184 in the other
    Took this whole year off to add size
    As of right now im 199 at 5'10 about to come off a mini cut at the end of the month a clean bulk till jan

    As off right now I can say I need more hams, bigger back, calves, triceps to balance biceps

    So far my triceps have made good strides, back has thickened up, hams still need help
    Ive definitely been putting in work

    so please any suggestions criticism is welcome thanks

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    Legs legs and more legs. Upper body looks pretty good, now you need to bring the wheels up to match. Hamstrings especially.
    Back width is decent, need to start working on traps and upper back thickness pretty hard too.
    Heavy squats fix everything.


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      legs need hammering buddy and i would say you need them lats dropping. try hitting alot of neutral grip pulldowns and chins...also bent over rows are crucial for me anyway.

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        [email protected], that is exactly what I think. Chest, lat width and traps look good, but lower body needs work and more back thickness.

        Heavy rack pulls, deadlifts, Bent rows, and other heavy row variants.

        Need to hammer legs and really drive some growth.
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          Thanks guys, ill try to get some newer vids up so u can see my progress
          But legs an lat witdh still need work, but thickness in the back has improved but still workin