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Steedee 1st April - 6th November

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  • Steedee 1st April - 6th November

    Just a quick comparison to how much I have changed in such a short space of time. I was training half assed and wasnt bothered about diet at all. Then decided I wanted to pick things up and get in shape. It wasnt until half way through may that I picked the furthest show away on the calender to compete in and set myself a goal. I didnt touch any gear until towards the end of may.

    So for me that was a massive achievement and one I can build on and hopefully improve for next year!!

    Massive props to Skip for all his help and giving me the tools to achieve this!

    Thank you boss.

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    Congratulations on the transformation..



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      Looking good bud! Give us some stats, what show was this? What kind of weight difference there? What class? How did you do?


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        Congrats, great transformation.
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          Great transformation indeed!


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            Originally posted by bigoso View Post
            Looking good bud! Give us some stats, what show was this? What kind of weight difference there? What class? How did you do?
            Cheers Ken!!

            I was weighing around 90kg in the off pic and just a tad under 80kg in the show pic.

            My training before the prep was pretty much hit and miss, crap diet and generally a fat ass.

            My waist was just under 38" in the first pic and it dropped to 31" REally pleased with how the prep went and I now have a solid foundation to make improvements and add some beef.

            It was nabba uk buddy, novice class. 17 in the line up and unfortunately I didnt place. I got first call out which was odd and I had a fair few guys tell me that I had made top 6 but never did? I cant complain as I gave it my all and couldnt have done any more than what I did in the timescale I set myself.

            Another guy from this board also competed in the same class and took 3rd. If im honest I didnt think he had much more over me. But the judges see things differently.

            I feel for the poor guy tbh. He got 1st place on stage then after around 30 mins there was announcement that a mistake had been made and he had to return his trophey as did all the top 3. They got it the wrong way round!!!!!

            Terrible mistake to make and you can only feel for the guys involved!


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              Congratulations on the transformation...your hard work and dedication shows.

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                Thanks guys

                Will bring an improved package to the stage next year.

                Will be nice to gain some momentum and improve as apposed to falling by the way side as I did after my last show.


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                  Update: Found out I placed 6th at my show, out of 18.

                  They totally screwed up the placings so someone is walking round with my medal. Imposter!! LOL.

                  Its terrible really as who else got screwd over? I had 65 people supporting me and would have muched rather accept my medal on stage rather than via the post!

                  Nevermind. Atleast I know where I came now.


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                      Great job, congrats!
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