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90 lbs of muscle in 6 years (progress pics)

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  • 90 lbs of muscle in 6 years (progress pics)

    I'm new here, starting DC pretty soon so I'll be hopefully gaining some size because I feel really damn small compared all the monsters here.

    In the first gallery you can see my progress from 132 -> 207 lbs over 5 years:

    And this is what I looked like July 31st this year:

    When I started training back in 1997, I weighed 110 lbs. Today I'm twice that size, but still too damn skinny :grumpy:

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    Wow, you have made awsome progress. And now you will make even more!!


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      BAD ASS!!!! Well done!!!

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      The Book Has Arrived!

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        very nice !!! lots of progress there U-Hulk.
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          That really cool of you to keep those kind of progress photos, nice work!!!
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            Wow, great job man!



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              Wow! You look really great! I can't believe that is you at 132# pic!!!! Huge transformation! Keep it up!


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                Thanks everybody, I really wish I had taken some photos right when I started training because back then I was skinny beyond belief - 6 feet tall and 110 lbs. The school nurse told me I was severely underweight and that I needed to start eating more. No sh*t... :p

                In those pics of me at 132 I had already trained for several months and gained 22 lbs, so you can just imagine how I looked at 110 pounds just a few months earlier


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                  U-Hulk, you look great!

                  Back is awesome.
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                    Thanks Munster, back and chest are my easiest gaining muscle groups. Delts are okay but it's legs and arms that are some really stubborn motherf***ers.

                    Overall, I am far from being happy with my current size and hope to gain some serious mass - especially now that I am starting DC.
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                      The 20 reppers will bring it on the legs, bro. Don't you worry none about the wheels.
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                        Very impressive!!!
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