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  • the new guy.

    hey guys, glad to be hear at intense. i've been around the boards for a long time and just registered here. anyway, the first pic is me 3 weeks ago after 8 weeks of dieting. started at 300 and ended at 268. the second pic is me half way through the diet. stopped because i scheduled my pec repair surgery for june 28th. the third pic is 3 days post-op. outa the gym for 3 months now that i've had the surgery, so i'm gonna start doing an hour a day on a stationary bike to keep in shape, and focus on improving my calves using dc training and also catcing my right tri up to my left. tore the left pec august 26th while benching. on my 6th rep with 375 i heard a pop and the sound of jeans tearing. i ended up tearing it at the tendon/muscle junction at the insertion point on the clavicle. i was 18 at the time and 300lbs sadly my bf was almost the same, if not lower than it is at the end of my diet. the time off killed me. but after my recovery i'll be getting back and using dc's training style, which is alot like what i was using before. i plan on competing in 2006 when i am 21. oh.. i'm still all natural so far, but hope to start my first cycle mid 2005, after i give myself sufficient time to recover and start training again after my surgery.

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    Welcome leaddog!!!

    Sorry to hear about the injury, man. Flat bench is notorious for that, as I'm sure you will hear from the DC'ers here.

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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      Welcome, I wish you to a speedy recovery!
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        don't even mention flat bench in the dogg pound, lol. welcome to the board.




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          Anyone heard of someone tearing a pec doing anything BUT flat benches? I don't think I have
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            train smarter NOT harder. Injuries suck. Be patient and consistant and everything WILL turn your way, then you'll be in control. Learn from your mistakes and dont repeat them!

            Ask question on this board and learn as much as possible, you'll be setting pretty then, GOOd LUCK TO YOU MY NEW BRROTHA!
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              leaddog, you are pretty damn thick for 18 yrs old. Welcome to the board, this is a great place.

              stay away from the flat bench!!!
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                Hey leaddog! Welcome! I just posted a thread on flat bench and then right after that.....I popped into here and saw your pics.....yikes! I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you!


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                  thanks for the warm welcome guys and girls. and i appreciate the kind words wishing me a speedy recovery. i'm really liking this board. hope i can learn some more and contribute some knowledge too. i've been around the boards for a while, since i was 14 or so, and training since i was 13. i'm 19 now, and sitting at about 265-270lbs. but the bf is disgusting to me, so i'm gonna work on that while i'm on my break from the iron. this board is alot more my style. especially after i read the entire sticky by dc. that's the type of training i love. it works awsome. the last time i was training like that i put on 40lbs in 6 months while dropping bf 1-2%. so i can't wait to get back. the pec feels amazing right now. only slight soreness at the insertion of the inside head of my left bicept, but that obviously was pushed around during the surgery, so it's to be expected. i'm 5 days out of surgery and i already want back in the gym. but i'm respectin the doc and giving myself time to heal.


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                    Don't go back into training too quick. I did that and I lived to be sorry for my foolhardiness. Heal first so you'll have no regrets later. It's much wiser that way (and that's coming from someone who likes to work on his own agenda not someone else's :p )