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Heavyweights Classic -04

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  • Heavyweights Classic -04

    Hey folks, here are a couple pics of me taken over the weekend. Dec 4, 04.
    I won the light heavy division @ 197lbs and the Overall title too..
    The trophy is a full size Conan sword and an all inclusive trip for 2 to Mexico. My fiance and I will be getting married on the beach.

    When I figure out how to make pics smaller I'll post a couple more.

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    awesome, congrats bro!!!

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      Heres a couple more of myself and a buddy of mine, Newfoundlands first ever Pro BB. Frank McGrath. He Won the Canadian Nationals in 2003.
      The young man is 25 years old and weighs 275lbs.


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        Wow! Congrats!!

        You look good but you need tanner on your
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          great job ---congrats and good luck!
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            Awsome!!! You should be proud of your accomplishments.


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              Well done and congrats on your engagement!!!

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              The Book Has Arrived!

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                wow man, u look great bro... i also noticed u have great skin. congrats on ur win.

                question: is that a NABBA show?

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                  Congrats! Did you get married yet? How was your trip?


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                    Congrats on your win!

                    Did you get married yet? How was your trip?


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                      Pudge. It's a CBBF show. This was the first year it was put off.

                      Island Girl. No we havn't taken the trip yet. Were planning our wedding on the beach in Mexico in October. Although I'd love to go now.


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                        Manson, awesome pics! My finace and I are getting married in Maui. Looking forward to a nice beach wedding myself. Good luck on whatever your next show is AND MARRIAGE.
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