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  • My contest photos...

    Hey all this was my second contest that i entered which was only 2 weeks after the first lol! Anyways thought i would share them. I started my diet at a weight of 275 and i competed around 208 at 6foot. I am 22 by the way and know I have a long road ahead of me.

    I am now 240lbs and fitting nicely into 34 inch jeans. My goal is to put on more mass obviously over the next year or so and then do another show with Skips guidance.

    Comments please!!!
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    I would be happy to work with you, BigEd. You just let me know. Did you post pics of the first show, too?


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      I am a novice myself so don't take anything I say too seriously. First, congratulations on having the guts to train hard, diet, and prepare yourself for the show. That is a huge achievement by itself.

      Here's what I see:

      - Good Back and Traps
      - Good Chest
      - Good Arms and Shoulders
      - I like your most muscular pose

      Areas to Improve
      - Legs - You need to put some mass on your legs. I've heard it said that legs and back are the areas most often ignored, and are the things that set you apart. Just about everyone will have a decent chest and good arms.

      - Leaner - your body fat needs to come down more. Just glancing at you I'd say you are around 10-12% BF (your abs and obliques really come out nicely under 10%). Skip recommended having as DXA Scan done. It really really helped me. I estimated by BF% at 8% (using calipers) but my actual BF% was 11.2%! Knowing the truth helped me reset my goals and reassess my diet.

      - More separation. Some of that comes from being leaner. Some of it comes from hard training and lots of posing practice. I'm a true believer that posing hard daily (from 6-8 weeks out) makes a huge difference.

      - Poses - spend some time in front of a video camera practicing your poses. Not having a mirror really shows you what you will look like on stage. I find that when I'm in front of the mirror I make adjustments based on what I see. On stage you can't see anything (the video camera shows a good glimpse of what you will really look like and you can judge your entire physique). Posing has to be automatic. I noticed that some of your poses you weren't "on your legs." I have the same problem. One of my best attributes are my calves, but I didn't show them off during my show!

      Keep at it man... great job!


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        Good work mate, at 22 you have a solid start.

        If you choose t do your next show under Skips guidance you will be great hands. Just follow the plan.

        Time to GROW.
        "Beneath all suffering.........lies the beauty of opportunity"


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          good job bro!! from the look of the pics it looks like u had a blast.. its good to be up there isnt it..

          work on ur poses more.. especially that front double bi... ur back looks good, but i know u could bring out more detail and depth to it.. now ur legs, that needs some work...hit em' hard and dont baby em'...

          Im just saying all this to give u my upmost honest opinion... U look great for ur second show.. now its time to just keep going up..

          Congrats Big Ed..

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            Thanks guys!!! Again my body is work in progress. My height is killing my legs but they are comming up.

            Also alot of my problem with this contest was that i had to diet off about I am now staying much leaner and as stated around 240. Next series or shows should be much better as i wont have to loose as much fat.

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              Yeah just need to be a lot leaner.
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