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Old Dominion Open (Natural contest)

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  • Old Dominion Open (Natural contest)

    Here are a few pics from my contest on Saturday Sept 18th. I took 1st in the Masters 44-54 class and 2nd in the Open middle class.

    I was pleased with the fact that I was able to come in a little leaner than last year and was about 3-5 lbs heavier so both of those measures went in the right direction.

    In the Masters class the guy in the blue trunks took second. In the Open the black guy beat me out for first but I felt good about my effort. In both classes I was the lightest of the three so it was my conditioning that allowed me place well.

    Skip/Randy - Even though I timed things pretty well this time and kept enough water in on Saturday - I still ended up looking harder, fuller and more vascular three hours after my post-contest meal! I think that for next year I have to add in more fats during the last two days and come up with the right whole food meal to eat about three hours before going on stage. I did not shit load this year, but what I have in mind for next year would be sort of a modified mini-shit load if there can be such a thing. Anyway overall it went pretty well.
    VA Maddog

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    Congratulations, VA!!

    I am glad that you were able to improve from last year as that is the best guage as to whether the year was a success and it obviously was. Also, you know how I feel about the family guys holding down responsibilities and still being able to prep for a show. My hat is off to you, bro!

    Now, can you hang around just a little more? lol


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      Looking great man.
      I'm looking now to next spring for my first show, masters over 40 class
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        Dude, congrats to you ! Where was the contest held ? I have family in VA.
        Stay Hard and Get Huge !

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