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2004 NPC Natural Mens competitors...

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  • 2004 NPC Natural Mens competitors...

    Heres the owner of my gym, Tim..competing in the NPC, attempting to earn his pro-card, but finished in 6th.

    Stats are:
    5'4"-142lbs show weight....20+years bodybuilding naturally

    Here he is again on the far left:

    Heres another all natural competitor from our gym, this is Ben, all the way to the right in the red trunks:

    Stats: 5'8"- 15+ years of bodybuilding naturally--Placed 8th in this show

    I know the pics dont show it, but this guy is huge in real life, in the off season his legs look like slabs of meat.


    Not bad for a small gym in Connecticut... Several national ranked natural competitors. Very hard workers, all of us.

    So where am I you ask?? Not there yet, actually not competing right now since I'm fighting off a few serious injuries....heres my pic though J/K LOL
    [IMG]mr t.bmp[/IMG]

    Thats me on the right. And thats my "before" pic on the left.

    **These pics are posted on**

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    Ok as you can see, I suck at posting pics, either way, match up the pics in the message, well you get it, my bad LOL!!


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      Cool thanks bro. Nice work there!

      "Suckas get your weight up not your hate up"


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        will give you an A for effort. =)