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  • 3 Days out

    Final Days of prep in my First Contest.. Masters 50yr old, Start carb-loading/water program tomorrow

    Lots of offseason work to do for lower body.. (Hip Replaced) 9 months ago..

    Tks for all the Support and input, Trying to do my best and enjoy the experiance at the same time

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    Looking good, good luck!
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      looking in good shape.
      i notice you have a hernia?

      i had one in the exact same spot, they stitched it the first time (4 months out of the gym) then it burst so i had to have another op to get the mesh placed in (4 months out of the gym).

      speedy recovery and opt for the mesh if you get it fixed!


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        Absolutely incredible. I'm going to use your pics as an example of what you can do over 40. I hear too many people throw age out as an excuse. The fact that you have gotten yourself to this point after hip replacement surgery is a testament to your hard work. Take it slow and steady on those legs and they will come. A hip replacement is no joke. Incremental progress will get you where you want to be. Great job! Just curious, what limitations and advice has your doctor given you and how has it effected your training? I have a client that had both hips done. She is staying with some very basic stabilization/endurance work (which I recommend for anyone from time to time) for the time being.
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          So How did you do?
          "SET NO LIMITS"

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