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    Heres my update pix as promised. Go ahead and tear me apart. Im doin the same show as Getbig. Hes lookin to win the show, im lookin to just win novice haha, if i can. Good luck big man, il c u at the show.

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    These are first thing in the AM so im flat as hell lol


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                Last one. Im not THAT bad for 21, only been bodybuildin for 2yrs. I figure i dont carry much mass, might as well be shreaded, then il work on the mass thing after competition.


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                  Looks great


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                    Looks like you are making progress. You have good symetry and proportion and I think that as you get leaner that will only get better. It looks like your abs are coming in real nice for you and should end up looking very good when you manipulate your water and sodium the last week. It also looks like your quads are starting to come in, another good sign.

                    Your goal to come in ripped is probably right on the money - most contests are won on conditioning, not who is biggest. Keep on track and stay dedicated to your diet, you seem to be doing the right things.

                    You look much better than most for 21 with two years of hard training. Congrats on your accomplishments so far. Nothing critical from me for now. Lets see how things keep progressing. I think that you are on track to do very well.
                    VA Maddog


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                      lookin good bro!!

                      good luck with the show
                      "Well done is better than well said"



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                        As VA said, you've got great structure and potential. LOTS of room to pack on some major mass. Just keep getting leaner and come in dry.

                        I'd pull your shoulder back on the side triceps.

                        On the 1 handed OH abs, try not turning so much and rotate YOUR right leg out - might look better.

                        Squat down more on the shots fom behind - will mak your legs look thicker. Also, I wouldn't turn the left leg out quite so much in #5. (Assuming #4 was a what the hell pose?...) #7 looks better

                        In the front double B (#6), watch out for the dresser!!! LOL. And also, IN THIS CASE, I would try rotating YOUR left leg out for more leg width.

                        I like your 2nd most muscular much better - shows your symmetry!

                        The Book Has Arrived!
                        The Book Has Arrived!

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                          I agree with the compliments given above, you are doing very well.

                          Here is what I noticed. Your upper body seems to be ahead of your lower body in the cutting process. Over the next four weeks your going to need to carve those legs out.

                          The calves are lagging, I think your going to need to do some work on them after your show to bring them up to par with the rest of your legs.

                          Thats all I could come up with. Everything else is looking great.

                          GOOD LUCK!
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                            quite honestly, i feel im just underdeveloped and small. After this competition, i will NOT step on stage again until iv reached a SOLID 240lbs offseason.


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                              Originally posted by TooPowerful4u
                              quite honestly, i feel im just underdeveloped and small. After this competition, i will NOT step on stage again until iv reached a SOLID 240lbs offseason.
                              I think most bbers believe they are small. Don't worry about it too much, go get the experience of being on stage.
                              "Well done is better than well said"