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    Looking good!


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      Progress coming along!

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        Thank you guys for the feedback! I'm pretty critical of myself so I'm already looking forward to making improvements to my physique.

        Update pics...squatted for a ton of volume on Monday and hit back pretty hard Tuesday so I was having a hard time getting legs and back to pop as much as I'd like. I normally take pics Fridays instead of Wednesdays as thats when I feel I look the sharpest. Weight isn't changing much lately.

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          Awesome quads man. Your back is pretty thick as well. You should be good to go in 11 weeks. Keep killin' it!
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            Ugh, that damn scale If there's one thing I try to remind myself during prep, it's that the scale isn't always a reliable tool. I worked with Skip for my last prep and only lost about 10lbs through the whole process. My weight didn't budge at ALL for the first 5-6 weeks, yet each week I continually looked leaner.

            When you are done with prep, look back through your pictures, starting from 17 weeks out - that's when you'll really notice how well you improved week to week.
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              Awesome legs man, keep it up


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                Thanks a ton for the kind words guys and the encouragement...I appreciate it! I gave myself some time because I am on the road...a lot...for work. My company puts me in the Residence Inn everywhere I go so I always have a kitchen and a grill which makes it easy. With training, I stick to just a few basic movements because I am always in different gyms so it helps to keep things simple and I can track progression that way.


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                  great quads!


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                    Originally posted by Mast View Post
                    great quads!
                    Thank you!

                    I've been having pretty good workouts the last few weeks despite being on the road and living out of a hotel. This morning was a "Pull" day...snapped a couple RDB's post-workout when I got back to the hotel to see what my back looked like with a little blood in it.



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                      First thing out of bed this morning, before any food, water, or cardio. Weight is around 185 empty stomach/bladder. Strength is holding out but feeling flat. Today is a refeed day so I should fill out some.



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                        Looks like you got everything in order!keep grinding!


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                          Originally posted by jplahm View Post
                          Looks like you got everything in order!keep grinding!
                          Thank you! I have work to do yet, lots of it, but I feel like I'm in a good place right now. I'm starting to get excited for offseason so I can add all the size possible as that's what I need.