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Any potential in this sport? (19/5'8/152lbs.)

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  • Any potential in this sport? (19/5'8/152lbs.)

    Hey all, let me just start off by saying that I am so humbled and grateful to have so many members with awesome physiques here on this board. I've been a long time reader and never posted much, mainly because I just pale in comparison to most of you guys!

    Here's some background:

    -Been working out for 3 years

    -Went full dummy on both ends of the spectrum (I.E. cut at <1000 cals and became a twig/bulked and ate god knows how much and just got fat, etc.)

    -Currently a client of Exmgq over at Ironaddicts and have made the best progress in 4-5 months working under him than I have in the 2.5 years I've been training.

    -Currently trying to cut to 5-6% before lean massing the RIGHT way this time and then lean mass CORRECTLY.

    I know I need to pack on some serious mass before I even consider stepping on stage and to be honest, never even thought about the sport considering I was always fat. Now that I am leaning out, I just need some direction.

    I really should be massing at the moment but made a promise to myself that I would get to 5-6% just to know that I can before I do so.

    Here are some pictures:

    Me after a dumb "bulking" cycle (188lbs.):

    Me now (~153lbs):

    P.S. I have NO idea how to pose!

    Thank you everyone!
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    your doing great for 19. emgq should have you on the right track, follow what he says and youll be fine. i was about 20 when i became a member at ironaddicts,when wesley was still around. i was 150lbs and i have put on 40lbs since then with no gear.


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      Anyone have a bf% estimate?


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        Well done bro keep it up:-)


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          I think too many people get caught up in whether they have potential or not. In my opinion it doesn't matter. If you like the sport, keep doing it and someday you will be surprised at how much progress you have made.

          I stared lifting at 15 and never stopped, this was almost 20yrs ago. If you like it just keep doing it.

          It's hard to tell someone's potential until they come close to reaching it.

          You look like your quads have some nice shape, the rest of your physique has no glaring weak points, just lacking size.

          As far as which route to take to reach your potential that depends on your goals. If someone tells me they want to be as big as their body allows or as strong as their body allows in 5 years, you can bet they won't be lean for the first 4 years. I will recommend that they put on as much weight as possible, gradually with proper diet, etc... but still.

          If you want to stay lean and grow, it's going to be a slow process and maybe for you that's fine. Some guys like being in shape year round and gaining 5lbs per year. Some guys prefer to be as big and strong as possible gaining 20lbs per year but being soft and never having a six pack.
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