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Feedback wanted! 5'9" 185

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    Sitting now at 4 weeks out guys, pics are on the right and everything is coming along perfect


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      1 week out


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        It has been a very long time since I posted here! I started this thread in 2013 and I am still looking to be the best version of myself I can be. This year has been a tough one as I had a near-death experience. Thought I was having a stroke and nearly died. It was in fact something called an AVM in my brain. It is an improper connection between arteries and veins. I did have 1 brain surgery and they went inside a 2nd time but to their surprise the rest of the problem had fixed itself. I trained at a very light intensity for about 3 months with the testosterone of a 10 year old girl in my system and lost a lot of the muscle I had gained throughout the years. In April I started to push it again hard (intensity) and got on TRT. I can say I am at my best here at about 233. No competitions in mind. Had the privilege of working with skip for many years but have been doing my own thing for the last few years. The goal is still a pro card one day and I do not want to compete again until I know I have the size (of course the condition needs to be there) to aim for a top 4 at a pro qualifier. Here are the latest progress pictures after a 10 week cut cycle (VERY LIGHT CYCLE).

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