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  • Lats?

    Would like to know if anyone thinks it is possible for me to obtain a "V-taper" or if I'm SOL due to my high insertions.

    Is this as low as my lats will ever grow?

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    Yea, you got high lats...make them high and WIDE. Wolf has high lats...pretty good taper though.
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      Its possible, if you get big enough...
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        You have a good taper already. Just put on some beef and the hang should come. Also a bad angle since you are doing a pull down it accentuates the high insertion.


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          Thanks for the responses

          Snapped a pic of me attempting a lat spread,

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            I am kind of in the same boat. My back is genetically on of my strongest body parts(in terms of strength), and fairly thick in a back double bi, but just relaxed or any sort of "lat spread" has absolute shit for

            Good thing I am not a BB'er..haha


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              No, I don't think that's as low as your lats will get. In the second picture, if you follow the line from your armpit towards your waist, you can see where it inserts. It's not really high. Looks about where most people's inserts. My biggest weak point is my lat width as well. I think until you get close to fully developing your physique, you never really know what genetic map your body hides in there. Just keep everything growing and it should fall into place.


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                My man you have a pretty good back. I think you just don't have enough beef right now. Couple things will never look right without enough beef. Lower mid back, rear delt, forearms, hamstrings, calves will usually look small on an average person. If you gain good weight you'll fill in the minor gaps of your back.
                You got good erectors and traps from the second pic, maybe more rows to help mid back and the hang but that's just being nitpicky.


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                  just got to add more size brother. i thought i was screwed due to high insertion too but when you add more size adn do some underhand pull downs to hit the lower lats more youll see some changes. also if you ever do a serious cut youll see your insertion better and have a better taper. also work on your posing you can do a lot to create an illusion and hide weak points


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                    Yeah I agree to add more size as the insetions look good.

                    Lat spread tip: Hold your thumb and forefinger in an L shape, the put just above your hips, thumb to the back and rest fingers to the front. Keeping your hands in the same positon bring your elbows forwards, then try and tense the lats.

                    Keep practicing and you will crack it.


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                      Figured I will update since it's been bumped,

                      Still suck at doing lat spreads.
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                        Pretty good before and after. How much weight have you put on?


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                          yes, i am also interested in the before/after stats and weights as well, and what worked for you.

                          good job on lightening up the pink on your ears.


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                            Thanks, was 190lbs in the before pics. 200 in the second pulldown pic, and around 210 in the last pic.

                            Focusing on improving my mind muscle connection seemed to help the most. Thumbless grip with straps, lots of warmup sets, straight arm pulldowns, ect, to help get a better fel for the back muscles.
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                              Single-arm cable rows, squeeze lower lats.

                              Single-arm dumbbell rows, pull towards hip + squeeze lower lats.

                              Refer to the MIGHTY MIKE QUINN! (Love this guy, lol)...

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