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    Alright, heres a little history then pics for the beating lol:

    23 years old
    168 in pics(been as heavy as 240, started training at 120)

    I'm torn here..i've wanted to do a bb competition for years..just never had the nerve to go all the way as I really feel I lack any sort of size to make an impression.

    I've done powerlifting in the past and loved it, but have always aspired to do bb competitions.

    So the question..there is a show in the spring around here..should I attempt to continue dieting down? Or slowly start to add size?

    Weaknesses? Strengths?

    Excuse the goofy ass look on my face. And the fact that I have no idea appartently how to pose abs.
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    That's entirely up to you. I've seen variations of people taking the stage for the sake of gaining experience (they don't necessarily have the size or conditioning to do well), to those who work for years before even considering stepping on stage to obtain that ideal, competitive physique.

    Two things to consider:

    1) How do you want to look on stage? If you lost let's say, 20-30lbs from where you are now, would you feel satisfied with your conditioning?

    2) Are you financially ready to drop some dough on a competition coach, food, tanning, and posing suits?

    If you answered No to at least one of those, then I'd reconsider the competition in the spring. Personally if I was in your situation, I would continuing training hard and eating hard to put on some weight Just my 2 cents.
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      I actually like the response from RCO. I think it is very personal and it depends on what you want to get out of the competition, itself.


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        Lower body over powers upper body. I think people who want to compete in BB should go do a competition. Gives them an idea of how they compare with others in their class and will really truly show weak and strong points a like.
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          Well, its been awhile, I need to upload some new pics. I feel like im having a hell of a time improving upper up to around 185, but I put on "fluff" quickly. Maybe ill never compete...but i REALLY want to be a solid 200 one of these days.
          2013 NPC Heartland Classic OKC - 1st Men's Lightheavyweight Novice/Overall


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            I don't think you look bad at all in your pics. If you can financially do a show go for it. I think that if you did one show it would give you the motivation you need.