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FitnessMan 7 DAYS OUT!!

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  • FitnessMan 7 DAYS OUT!!

    07.31.04 171Lbs

    Lightening sucked,took pics too early in the day,but that's what I had,couldn't pose either cause of my partial tears and the fucked up tendon in my Biceps.
    Am going to rest my arm till WEdnesday,then I will start posing,hope it won't hurt me,but I will see.
    Eventually I will find a good light-shadow hour so not too much light will be on my body.
    I just think I look much better than the pics show:-)

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    Good job bro! Drop that water and looks like you will look tight and shredded! Boy Skip sure knows his shit!

    What are your stats?

    "Suckas get your weight up not your hate up"


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      5'85 171Lbs,will be on stage 160-162Lbs approx.


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        Drop some water as stated and you will look good bro! Time to suffer but it is worth it! Good luck man!

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          DUDE no offense but you need to be alot leaner 7 days out,,, id say from here on out its fish and low carbs.

          Everybody stated DROPPING the water??? you should be prepared a week out at least dropping the water is not always a necessity if onehas dieted correctly.


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            Though vander was blunt in his statement, he was correct. IMO, you should be leaner for 7 days out, but dont worry about it. At this point, work on your final week approach and do the best you can in your contest.

            If you can find another show a few weeks from Aug 8, i think you'll be able to drop more fat and come in looking much sharper.

            All the best


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              looking good bro, good luck to you!
              "Well done is better than well said"



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                If u did the best u could to ur present knowledge on the sport, then ur doing good...keep up the good work and keep on doing the best that YOU can do..

                " A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men"

                "Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who dont have dreams dont have much"

                "if you're going through hell... keep going"


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                  Vander always has a way of saying negative before positive. I hope he realizes you did something right at least. You are busting your ass man, keep it up!

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                    Now im on both sides here. I agree with vander that you could be a lil bit leaner and that water retention is not all thats left. You can look at it two ways, if you havent competed that many times up to date, then your doing a great job, however if you have competed quite a few times then perhaps when this is over, go back and look through your dieting journal and see what could be changed. Like Vander said, if one has dieted sufficiently then water retention is not really a necessity.


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                      Thx guys.

                      This is my first show and I will post better pics tomorrow and you will have a different opinion then cause I look much leaner and better than what these pics show,but I will let my next pics do the talking.


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                        Handled very well fitnessman. Like i said in my other post, if this is your first show, then you look good. You'll learn more and more each time you diet. Now, just drop your water, go on stage and enjoy every minute of it!! Because after 3 and a half months of dieting all we get is 5 minutes on stage.