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    Lots of ppl may have seen these pics already. But would like some input, i have good idea of my weak areas, arms, legs, and conditing or should i say drying out. My problem is my legs get hard fast but i end up burning them away trying to get upper body dry. I'll post 6 weeks out pics and show pics. Started this diet at 20 weeks out just under 240 @ 5'9" wrist is 7", dieted down waist is 30-32 range. This year I am 240 again but much leaner than last time, which i think is the key for me to get dry, stay closer to contest shape. What i have done differently is lower volume in my training, using things like rest pauses, negatives, cutting carbs off at night, getting calories from extra fat and protien in my diet, and doing shorter cycles with a coast peroid (wonder where i got that idea from :-), so far so good, but really like to hear, good and the bad and any suggestions for drying out better.

    6 weeks out below 207lbs
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    show pics

    185.5 on friday night weight in


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      second one



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          last one

          last one from the side


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            You have the incredible disappearing quads! That must be very frustrating!!! IMO if you get some more size to your bi's, delts, chest, and lats then you won't have to dry out so much and the quads qon't fade away. However, since they do disappear so easily putting a good amount on them will help as well... I am no professional though.
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              I don't have alot more to add, bro. You are on track for 6 weeks from what I can see. You still need to continue to lean down but you are on track, in my opinion.

              I don't know what tips to give you to dry out because I don't know what your prep looked like when things could have gone better. There is always the chance that it might not be the drying out part that you didn't get right but that you were terribly flat. Both will give you damned near the same look on stage.

              The pics on stage are too far away to really give you an accurate assessment on your condition. The one that is close up, you appear to be very flat and/or not dry enough, for sure.

              How low do you plan to go with your bodyweight before stepping on stage?

              Most times when you lose alot of bodyweight in a relatively short amount of time, guys will come in flat more times than not.

              If you care to talk more, him me with a PM or an email. I would be happy to work with you per your PM. Just let me know, bro.


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                I dieted down from 235, starting at 20 weeks out, was able to hold my weight around 200 mark for a bit, but i was not getting harder so we cut carbs a bit more around that 6 week mark, and I ended up at 185.5, i just could not hold weight at end. I also did zero cardio last 15 days and never went over 40mins. 4-5 times per week.

                Two mistake i know i make ( i had good help but VERY old school in his approch). he had me tapper water wed-friday, i didn't agree with him, but following his directions as he was coaching me. I tried to carb up clean carbs for 2 days (300g) then a bit of Junk late friday night. The 4 judges who saw me on week by week, told me I had no fat left, but i just never got dry. Also as i was cutting carbs i was NOT increasing proteins or fat, i think that was second mistakes calories were simply too low. From trial and error this year, i beleive calories don't mean much when dieting, more important is where they come from, as example if i cut 100g of carbs per day (400 cals) make that up with protien and fats.


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                  Originally posted by silverfox
                  Two mistake i know i make ( i had good help but VERY old school in his approch). he had me tapper water wed-friday, i didn't agree with him,
                  This is something that I don't agree with. If you taper water rather then just cut it off your anti-dieurtic hormone will kick in and it will become nearly impossible to drop sub-q water. I have seen a few trainers recommend this in that past and from what I have seen it has always failed.

                  Anyone else have a take on this??

                  By dropping water suddenly, and I know you silverfox so I am sure you know this already but your body still thinks that it is taking water in so you continue to great rid of the water. This is the method that I have seen work with great success.
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                    Hey Shredz, I think i had other problems than just water. But yes i agree with you on water issue, and in my mind knew better, but like i said, he was the coach and i did what i was told.