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  • Bash me please

    I need some advice, i'm getting some DNP to drop my bf % down a little, then i'm hitting the gym for about 4 more weeks. I have been lifting hard core on a keto diet for 3 months. I have lost 7 % of my bf, and gained about 10lbs in muscle mass. I am thinking of doing a simple cycle after the DNP with Sustanon 250 at 500mg/wk. any thoughts on this? I would really like a boost to get my going. I think a cycle of 4 weeks on, 4 off, 4 on would be good, any thoughts? what are yours thoughts with using sustanon vs test enth or similar?

    pic is just me stand their. notice the marks on my stomach? i've been hard at work getting my body to look even this poor, it was much worse. i have lost about 25 lbs so far, and want to lose at least another 10 or so to get rid of my gut so i can build some nice abs and arm musles. i look like a big bone with fat on it eh?

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      These type of posts are usually put up for entertainment value by guys with nothing better to do. However, I feel obligated to take you seriously and give you my opinion.

      Do NOT touch DNP. To say it is dangerous stuff is an absolute understatement. I could understand taking the gamble if it would shed 20 pounds or so but it does not. It doesn't drop any more weight off of you than you could drop if you used a sound nutritional plan. You would be much better served by dieting and working it off.

      Now, I am going to call a spade a spade here and tell you that simply judging by your pic, you have no idea at all what you are doing with training, diet, supplementation and almost certainly gear and things that can kill you like DNP. If you lose 10 pounds or so, you will still look like shit. You need to spend some time in the gym working hard and researching and learning about nutrition. You have certainly come to the right place as IM has more than enough info for you to reach your goals without resorting to using things like DNP.

      It is a bit sad that you would reach for something so dangerous instead of spending the time and effort to do it safely and effectively with a little bit of persistence and determination.

      I hope you hang around and take in as much info as you can, bro.


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        so what do i do? i've got nutrition down, and i do bust my ass in the gym 5 days per week. i also do 30 mins+ of cardio a day.


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          i did a lot of reading about dnp on and it looks safe to me. can you support your idea?


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            No offense Vapor but Skip is right...Looking at your pic I would also say that there are so many other things you could do to improve your physique before thinking about juice and esp DNP.
            Not trying to flame ya or anything but you asked a question and you got a pretty good answer.,
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              I agree just not worth it.

              You should REALLU post you diet that you follow EVERYDAY that would be a good start for guys to help you.


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                Its 100% keto, i learned keto on's forums, and have been using it for about 3 months. before that i was a strict vegan. i just have this weird shape to my body, i don't get it, no matter what i do, i still have that shit on my stomach.


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                  hey you seem to hve bases covered so go an do it!

                  ps tell me where to send the flowers too at your funeral..
                  RIP my friend -KidRok


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                    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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                      I would recommend a usual diet with alot of cardio.. doesn't matter if it takes longer, dnp is shit!


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                        One of the greatest concerns w/ DNP is that a misdose by as little as 100% can cause death. (Would you take an aspirin for a headache if you knew that taking two would kill you?...) You will also feel like you're dying if you do a standard "cycle" with it.

                        If your diet is working, I would stick with it, BUT...

                        The major thing you're lacking is muscle mass. If you continue on a 100% keto diet, you will likely lose more muscle mass and, as Skip said, look even more drawn.

                        I would suggest adding carbs back into your diet slowly and attempting to add some muscle - at least for a couple months - before you diet down again.

                        As far as the gear, I don't think that's necessary at all right now. Spend at least a few years figuring out how your body works "unassisted" and bringing it closer to your natural genetic limits. THis will serve you well later when you are not training assisted.

                        Congrats on your fat loss so far!!! I can read the frustration in your post. Hang in there - it will take years (not weeks) to get where you want to be now (and even then, you may want to go further...).


                        P.S. You might consider training with one of our online gurus - DoggCrapp or Skip. If you do as instructed, overwhelming success is pretty much 100% guaranteed.
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                        The Book Has Arrived!

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                          It is obvious you do not have your nutrition "down" yet. You need to put on more muscle to fill out your "wierd" shaped body. You are not weird shaped at all IMO. You just lake shape. Ditch the 5 days a week and follow DC's training style for 6 months-the extra muscle will help you diet in the future.

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                            LIFT AND EAT...that is all.


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                              dc's training style?

                              training with online gurus?

                              more info please. would you guys still rule out a very low dose testosterone only cycle for me? say 250mg per week to help me get bulking faster?