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  • skips work!!

    this is me at 235lbs in the most recent pics taken 2-19-04. im currently 5 weeks out from the show now and with skip's help hopefully i will win the new jersey state championships!!!!

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    getbig27, Damn buddy looking awsome, good luck...
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      thank you the way cool screen


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        Re: skips work!!

        Originally posted by getbig27
        ....with skip's help hopefully i will win the new jersey state championships!!!!
        Hopefully? Whatever, bro.


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          Jeeeze, i hope theres no more monsters like you there. Good luck bro, il see you at the show. Im just hoping to win my novice class.


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            good luck to you toopowerful4u.


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              Looking big and Nasty Bro. Take it too em.

              Log Book PIMP! It ain't a crime if it likes it!


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                nice and thick...yeah!
                (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

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                  thanks fellas... i will need every inch of thickness to kick ass at the states. i dont know if you guys care to hear this or not but this is an important year for me. somewhere in my small head i think i have what it takes to be in the IFBB. i know , i know everyone who competes thinks so, but for some reason i think im different. this year is important because if the judges at this next show dont feel i have "it" after all the improvements i made since last season i think im going to have to hang it up. even though i think i have what it takes i have my eyes and ears open. that means if the judges dont think im one of the best in the state im not gonna beat a dead horse and keep going back on stage like an idiot. i dont just want to compete for trophies like some guys do, i want to be one of the best. this show means alot to me, i need to know that not only myself but the npc judges feel i have what it takes for me to continue.

                  just wanted to get that off my chest.


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                    you will do great but I think I said that before.

                    Good luck bro


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                      Never give up GetBig27, just give it the best you've got then give it some more. Looking very good at 5 weeks out. I wish you all the best.


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                        You go, Brother. Put every ounce of determination, nervousness, fear and anger into your prep so that you will NOT fail.

                        Whatcha weighin' in those pics?...

                        The Book Has Arrived!
                        The Book Has Arrived!

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                          thanks for the kind words IM and pumped.

                          skip check your pm.

                          im currently 233lbs and the most recent pics were taken today and can be seen in my file below. i think i got tighter from a week ago, but you let me know.

                          p.s. my pride and joy is my back. if everyone notices all the great MR. O's have a complete back, thick , detailed, wide, and well muscled. not that im Mr. O material ..but i happen to love my back developement!!!


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                            my man, ripped to the bone homonunculus!!!! im not on your level of conditioning but honestly what do you think so far? in the pics im 233lbs!!!


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                              Look good getbig just don't be too hung up with size, you have that, now add the conditioning and you can show those judges who has what it takes.
                              Skip is the man to listen too so follow what he says even if your "instincts" dictate otherwise. Something that was said in a post last year that really drove the point home for me was
                              "Remember: if you want an extreme condition--- you must prepare an extreme circumstance/stimuli to elicit the condition."
                              This was from Zilla who got Skip into shitload concept.
                              "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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