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Looking for some physique critique and comments

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  • Looking for some physique critique and comments

    I have been training for a couple of years took on a PT about a year ago which is where I've been the most progress in my time training. I am 36 years old.

    My current program is strength on one day 5x5 deads, squats and bench with few other moments that change weekly like shoulder press, military press or incline dumbbell chest press.

    Then I generally split chest, legs and back the other days with arms mixed in at the end of sessions so training 4-5 days a week. Ab and oblique training is pretty much non existent but thats me being lazy I think.

    Currently 68.5kg and 5 foot 6 I estimate my bf to be in the 10-12% region what do you guys think?

    Want a few comments of what I need to do really - I have CF, am diabetic and have a liver problem not that this is very important very hairy guy of course as you can see :-) going to shave/wax it all off at some point to see what I look like. I do find my physique changes daily probably down to water wait, salt and other variables etc. I was 75kg and about 18/19% body fat when I took on the PT dude. Some days I look in the mirror and like what I see otherdays I think I look like a bag of crap.

    I think the big thing for me is I expected to make a bit more progress for the amount of time I've been training but I know its not a sprint its a marathon.

    2200-2400 cals per day is my maintenance though if I'm honest since COVID hit I've not been tracking loads just making source I hit some sort of protein every meal so powder with breakfast, yogurt mid morning, chicken, beef or fish lunchtime and another meat dinner and some almonds or more yogurt near to bed.

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    None of us like what we see in the mirror everyday or we wouldn't do what we do. lol

    What are your goals right now?

    Congratulations on dropping your body fat, first. Second, this game is about consistency over time, so as long as you are progressing, enjoy the ride. If you aren't progressing, then you need to take a closer look at what needs to be changed.


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      Im only going to comment here because you said "want a few comments of what i need to do". Now considering this is a bodybuilding forum, I would have to assume(and I could be wrong) that your goal is to get bigger. So my overall critical analysis is 1-you need more size for us to even see what areas of your body could truly be lacking & 2-ditch the mirror selfies, set your phone on a timer somewhere waist level and take your pics there in some boxers/shorter shorts flexing everything to give us a better read.

      But some small things I would do are:
      • Focus on progressing on your lifts. Could be increasing weight, doing more reps, locking down form a little better(most important), increase TUT, increase/decrease training volume and focus on finding where a true failure point is, etc.
      • EAT MORE FOOD--without being a dick about it ofcourse
      • Lower training days to 5 days a week if you're doing more. Rest=Recovery=Muscle gains

      I wish I could give you more here, but Id bet you'd be better off hiring a coach rather than a PT. A coach will see full spectrum what's going on, a PT will be your drill sergeant for an hour.