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Redrocks, 4 weeksout!

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  • Redrocks, 4 weeksout!

    Hi all,
    Thought I'd post some pics and get this board rollin'. You can't see the wheels in most of these, but they're coming. This will be my first show and I'm super stoked!!! I'd love to hear from the ladies (guys, too, of course). I'm hoping these last few weeks will bring ultimate sheddage!
    Eat it today, wear it tomorrow...

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    Side chest!

    One of my favorite poses!
    Eat it today, wear it tomorrow...


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      And the back!

      I think my back is my strongest part, plan on lottsa back poses for the routine!
      Eat it today, wear it tomorrow...


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        Looking good.

        I like the butterfly too.
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          Okay, THOSE pics are much better than the others. Now that I see these, the lighting in the last pics was absolutely terrible.

          You look dead on as far as I can tell from these shots. I think you are in great shape as far as your conditioning goes and you are correct, the back looks GREAT.

          From these shots, there is nothing that I see to give any negative feedback on.... AND, you know if there was, I would.

          Stay focussed and all will continue to fall into place.


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            I think the navy blue with the aqua just HAS to go.

            Lookin' good, RR. You must have some super stud guru in your corner, eh?... LOL

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            The Book Has Arrived!

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              Are these recent pics, maybe what, 3 weeks since the last set? BIG improvement over a few weeks ago! Keep doin what you're doin it seems to be working!
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                Thanks everyone! Randy, you're my supa stud guru cheering me on and coaching me through this-thank you! Skip, thanks for the compliments, your honesty and opinion mean a lot to me.
                I'm mocking show week right now, no carbs since Sat. night but I'll start carbing up tomorrow and Sat. is show day (well, we'll make it close). Then I've got two weeks to adjust and get fired up! If we can get our hands on some good lighting I'll get some pics on Sat., and Randy, I'll work on the outfit just for you!
                Eat it today, wear it tomorrow...


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                  Yep the lighting in those pics is a million times better! And you are looking bang on!! You have done a great job getting ready for this contest.

                  GOOD LUCK!
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                    you're doing a great job RR, keep it up!!
                    "Well done is better than well said"