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    Originally posted by IM^
    What about a place to look for second hand choppers then?
    Ebay! You'll find tons of bikes there....


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      Originally posted by pumpseeker
      West Coast Choppers aren't cheap. That bike would probably run you $50k +

      Big Dog, Red Horse (and possibly even American Ironhorse) make some real nice custom choppers starting in the 20s....I'd look there if cost is the issue.
      20k, that's out of my league.
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        Hey man you just got to shop around. Big Dogs, American IronHorse, etc. are all tight bikes but you go to a bike fest and you are going to see a bunch of guys with the same bikes and they are going to run you over 25k. You can shop around and find shops that will build you a bike for around 16k. Also, there are bike kits, by Custom Chrome the HR3 series and Ultima's and the kits are around 11k to 18k unassembled with no paint. You can probably find a place to paint and assemble it for a few k's. Look on ebay there are some good bikes for sale there. Generally all these bikes come with the same type of engines so aside from the looks quality of the bike isn't going to be too different from each bike. And sometimes you just get lucky, my friend owns a custom bike shop and his bikes go for 22-30k, way to much for me, well some guy tried to build one on his own and ran out of money and sold it to my friend. So he's going to finish it for me at cost on the parts and all I have to pay is discounted price on labor since he does most of the work himself. I got it for 15,500 and it was appraised by the insurance at 21,500. I'll post a pic next week when it comes back from getting painted. For 10g's. You may be able to find a used harley lowrider or you can always go with some type of Honda or Suzuki for around 7k, or possibly a Triumph......but you wont be happy. Your always gonna want the upgrade. Email me if you need any more help.


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          WOW- I wanna do a phot shoot wth that bad boy ~ Bad ass bike.....
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            If I pretended I was that bike, would you lie on top of me like that too?

            Not you damnit Randy!!! I was talking to Sexymama!!!


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              nice bike there Sexymama or was I looking at the bike?
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