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  • New suspension needed

    Installed a new 'aerodynamic wing' on the top of the car, gave me so much downforce that the rear shocks blew through the trunk....

    Actually, this is from several years ago and thought it would make you guys laugh
    This picture is real - not doctored in anyway - and was taken last week in Waldorf by a Transportation Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber. When he saw it in the parking lot of IHOP, he went and bought a camera to take pictures.
    The car is still running as can be witnessed by the exhaust. A woman is
    either asleep or otherwise out in the front seat passenger side.
    The guy driving it was over jogging up and down on Rt. 925 in the background.
    The witnesses said their physical state was OTHER than normal and the police just shook their heads in amazement.
    The driver finally came back after the police were there and was getting down at the back to cut the 'twine around the load.
    They told him to get back until it was taken off. The materials were loaded at Home Depot. Their store manager said they had the customer sign a waiver! Both back tires are trashed.
    The back shocks were driven up through the floorboard.
    In the back seat were 10 bags, 80 lbs. each of concrete. On the roof are many 2X4s, 4X4s and sheets of OSB. They estimated the load weight at 3000 lbs.
    The car is a VW Jetta with FL plates and the guy said he was headed for Annapolis. JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
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    Obesity related illness will account for more than 1/2 of all health care costs in the next few years.
    So why is the damn government waging war on the FITNESS Industry??
    "Before you criticize someone, try walking a mile in their shoes.
    Because, then you're a mile away, AND you've got their shoes"

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    what a dildo!
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      Originally posted by Heckman
      what a dildo!

      What he said. lol


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        Huracane season you see that all the time
        It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything


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          nice ....
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