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    I got my CEE Wednesday and have taken 6 doses of 5 grams over 3 days...
    I feel a lot fuller more pumped and heavier.
    May be placebo effect but if this stuff does what it is said to do I don't doubt it's effects in 3 days as absorbtion was ALWAYS a problem with the regular with a slight appetite loss.
    IT"S really not that bad I put 5 grams in 3-5 0z of crystal light and drink-it taste like battery acid but goes down quick and once chased with more CL there isn't an after taste.
    Two things:
    I have always responded EXTREMELY well to creatine and it is the only natural supplement I have ever used that comes any where near to steroid like gains with out hormonal suppression and subQ water retention.
    I am tearing down tissue and eating a lot too so we shall see where this takes me.
    CEE products-a couple of people I know are using the pre-flavored CEE products-commercial and love the taste.
    I have tried products in the past that claim to have whey hydrolysates in them-for example and they taste good-so anytime something taste good I think it's bullshit if the active ingredient taste like raw rotten WH and CEE does unflavored.
    good for the pallet is not good for the tongue!

    I am gonna order some more of this stuff soon from TP before Congress bans creatine. :dcchomp:
    Massive G
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    Discount Code MASSG

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    Nice massive G i just got mine yesterday and will start an tuesday.



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      Keep us updated MG.

      I am gonna order some more of this stuff soon from TP before Congress bans creatine.
      Please tell me your jokin, .......... don't let Rocky know about this or he will stock up so much from they will have it on back order for months!
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