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I feel so skinny :/

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  • I feel so skinny :/

    Had to go clothes shopping today; picked out 2 XXL shirts ..... now i have a total of 4shirts and 2 pairs of pants in my closet, w00t. i'm becoming a metrosexual.

    anyways, the store had had XXXXXXL (!!!6XL!!!) shirts, so I tried them on. I felt so skinny. Oh well, I had a laugh because the damn shirt literally came down to my ankles, lol! Somehow i don't think 5'7 people are meant to wear 6XL, heh.

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    define metrosexual....

    "Those who do not beleive in the impossible, should not distract those who are already doing it"

    "if we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?"

    Note: i'm not an expert, but i'm probably right.

    "Furthermore, the urge to overindulge is almost absent when drinking urine." - the skeptic's dictionary about urine therapy.