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  • I'm New Here - What's DC Training

    i kept hearing about dc training, but i could not find out what it was until some one refferred me here.
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    one peace of advice is read read and read some more then reread everything you just read about dc training.


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      Welcome, antihero!

      Glad you found us. I would highly suggest reading all the stickies in the Pound very thoroughly (twice) - there's a lot answered there. Frankly, its not as complicated as many try to make it out to be, which is exactly why DC's methods are so successful.


      EDIT: I just saw the age as well. Antihero, I also would say to spend some time in the gym learning basics of technique and how to safely push yourself. You will make stupendous gains that way right now. Eat well, religiously frequently and train hard and consistently and you'll be well on your way. Fire away with any general questions in the general conv. forum.
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        Good point Homonunculus. A lot of information at the top of the dogg pound section!

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          antihero, Please pay some dues in the gym for a couple of years then you maybe able to attempt this program, really, but read all you like...
          "That damn log book"

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            Also you may want to go check out the thread at Muscle Mayhem in the DoggCrapp forum. There is a huge thread called the DoggLogg. It has thousands of people's questions with answers as well. It takes a long ass time to really get things down but it's what needs to be done and is very much worth the time.


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              Shit I did not even read his age. Yes IH is right unfortunately, this program is simply too much for most teenagers with not a whole lot of experience. You can most certainly incorporate some things from the program into your own though, such as the eating, etc. But honestly, I'd just stick with a simple split for a couple more years until you learn your body better.

              This is by no means a flame, remember that. We are just warning you. Let's put it this way, I am borderline in terms of the age and experience that is highly recommended to go ahead and do this program (19 years old with 7 yrs experience).


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                i have expeirence in the gym, i've belonged to one for 3 years, but the first year was just weak s.hit. The second year is when i got into it, and lifted 3 times a week every week (without fail). This last year, i have hit the gym 3 times a week, but i just am not feeling "burn" as i was originally. My friend (who is a personal trainer) along with other people had reccommended me here. He said that i should find out what routine someone else uses, and then he would adjust the routine accordingly. So, i just want to know what you guys do as routines, so that he can use them as examples. Thank You in advance.
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                  You're goign to give the routine to HIM for HIM to critique? Uhm no man, that's not how it flies. I'm sorry. You do the routine as it's laid out or it is no longer DC training (and won't reap the same rewards)
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                    ok, then can i see what your routine is so that i can decide if its right for me?
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                      Originally posted by USMuscle9403
                      Also you may want to go check out the thread at Muscle Mayhem in the DoggCrapp forum. ...
                      Hey! Don't be sending him elsewhere!!

                      He just needs a few routines *not DC ones* to get himself going. Is anyone going to help?
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                        thank you kidroks lady, all i want is a good routine that will push me.
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                          That's what I thought.

                          Why don't you start a new thread with a title that states that you're looking for sample workouts. So that you won't be misunderstood. Sound good?
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                            Hey AntiHero, I just posted this for another member your age, here you go:

                            Okay Tarantula, you have some options of what you can do. You can either contact Allen (USMuscle) (I don't know if he's available or not) sorry if not Allen.

                            or you can take the advice of most guys here.

                            Here's MY advice:

                            First off, this is just my opinion. Get a doctor to give you a physical to make sure that your healthy enough to start on a nutrition and weight training program!

                            (FOOD) Try to take in everyday, about 2 grams of protein per bodyweight. But break that up into 5 or 6 meals a DAY. Eat your protein first in the meal, to make sure you get it in.
                            So, at your current bodyweight, that would be close to 350 grams a day. 400 would be good. Try to make sure that most of your food intake is from actual food, not two meals of food and four shakes. Do not mix fats and carbs in a meal, either protein/fat or protein/carb.

                            Eat your good fats and carbs up until the last two meals of the day. Not later. Make sure that you drink at least a half gallon or more of water a day.
                            A multivitamin for teenagers would be good to. I just don't know what they have.

                            (CARDIO) I suggest you start off slow with cardio, maybe one or two days a week. You don't want to overdue it. I'm assuming you don't have much fat at 163lbs at 5'6. Start off slowly with 20 minute sessions. Start slow and work to a steady, not too strenuous pace.

                            (TRAINING) Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You won't be hitting every bodypart twice a week but instead, you'll be hitting some bodyparts twice a week and others only once. It will alternate. Start off light and work up in weights each time the exercise comes around again. Your reps will be in the range of 15 to 30. If for some reason you can't reach the rep range with the added weight, you can lower it back to the previous weight or if it's just too heavy, change to another exercise.
                            I suggest you try to increase the weight by five pounds each time it comes around. On arms, two and a half pounds on the bar is okay. I also suggest you get a workout partner or someone who works at the gym to spot you. Very, very important. On how many sets, warmup with as many sets as necessary to get your mind and body ready for your one workset.

                            Here's some exercises you can do:


                            Incline Smith Machine press, Decline bar press, Incline Dumbbell press
                            (DELTOIDS) all seated in a chair with a good back support
                            Smith front press to chin, Dumbbell press, Rear bar presses to ear only
                            Close grip bar presses, Reverse grip Smith presses, Dips
                            (BACK WIDTH)
                            Lat machine pulldown to chin, Lat machine pulldown to rear (ears only), Close grip pulldown
                            (BACK THICKNESS) Please be carefull with these, form is more important than weight, keep a slight arch in your back with no swinging whatsoever!!
                            Seated Cable rows, One arm rows(one arm is kept on bench to support you), Rack Deadlifts
                            You set the pins on a power rack at knee level and with bent knees pull the weight up and pull the shoulders back at the top
                            (these are the most dangerous, start off light and keep a slight arch in your back)(I said it twice because it is that important)


                            Barbell curls, Dumbbell Curls, Incline Curls
                            Hammer curls, Two arm cable reverse curls, Seated one arm dumbbell wrist curls
                            (CALVES) Toe press on leg press machine, Seated calf raise, Standing calf raise
                            (HAMSTRINGS) Lying leg curls, seated leg curls, Wide leg heel press on leg press machine
                            Smith machine squats, Leg press, hack machine squat
                            Leg raises, crunches, Lying on the floor toe touches (lift legs and arms to touch while lying on your back
                            I showed you three different acceptable exercises for each bodypart, pick only one exercise to do and rotate three exercise each time that bodypart comes up.
                            Example this Monday you start with Incline Smith machine press and Friday you do Decline bar press. Any questions or if anybody else wants to help please chime in.

                            This is NOT DC TRAINING, this is NOT DANTE'S TRAINING, this is NOT DOGGCRAPP TRAINING,
                            this is just a basic routine and eating plan to get you hopefully started in the right direction.

                            Wear a lifting belt, knee wraps and elbow wraps. Keep warm in the gym with loose, comfortable sweats and or tshirt.
                            Perform your repetitions slowly at a good cadence. Safety first.

                            That's a start, good luck!
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                            ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                            Good luck

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