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arnold vs. cutler measurements

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  • arnold vs. cutler measurements

    Got Arnold's measurements from here,

    Got Cutler's measurements from here,

    Arnold's Top Form Measurements
    Arms: 22 inches
    Chest: 57 inches
    Waist: 34 inches
    Thighs: 28.5 inches
    Calves: 20 inches

    Jay Cutler
    # 58" chest
    # 22" arms
    # 30" thighs
    # 20" calves
    # 34" waist
    # 19½" neck

    Anyone find it a bit strange how these stats claim that cutler and arnold have the same size arms and calves, cutler's chest is only 1 inch wider, and his thighs are only 1.5 inches wider? The thing that shocked me most was the thighs. Arnold's thighs are not even in comparison to Cutler's.

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    Im not sure if, all of Arnold's stats are correct. Arthur Jones even said when he measured Arnold's arm that it wasnt 22 inches,


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      2 completely different BBers from 2 completely different eras. Arnold is an icon of the sport. Comparing stats is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are fruits but that's where it ends. Frank Zane is tiny compared to both of them stats wise but still a Mr. Olympia physique
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        Always consider the source. Those numbers could be embellished. Imagine that, people actually exaggerate their size? It's not that I don't believe all of them, just one really. I find it hard to believe that there is only a 1.5'' difference between their quads. Arnolds probably were 28.5, but Cutlers have to be mid to low 30's. Everything else could be true because Cutler is about 5'9'' where Arnold is 6'2''. That's a 5 inch difference where Arnold's frame can carry a lot more muscle with an illusion of not being as massive. Arnold did have awesome arms and a chest by any eras standards. Maybe skeptic on Cutlers waist also, but that could be accurate too.


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          I also wonder if those are measurements taken in contest shape or offseason


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            what do you see of arnold all the time? mostmuscular and sidechest. ever seen back latspread, abs&thighs, sidetri???

            he's an actor. doesnt that mean he pretends things, just to entertain!?

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              Those stats are bs. arnold was no where the size of jay cutler.
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                im sorry but this is not even a comparison worth making.
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                  Arnolds calves were the same size as Cutler's......somebody's smokin the reefer!!!
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                    "The brain can subjugate anything, even real pain."
                    -Bruce Lee


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                      taken from IA's site

                      "Let's say that you weigh 176 pounds and stand 5'8" tall. Assuming that your bodyfat is below 10%, your arm should measure roughly 16 inches. If you've calculated it to be 20 inches, you've probably done one of the following things:

                      • Added the sum of both arm measurements.
                      • Added your age to your arm measurement.
                      • Suffered from delusions of grandeur and refused to see that your arm is really an inflated piece of licorice.

                      If you've done none of these things and still insist that your guns are 20 inches or bigger, you'd better start walking on your hands — your symmetry is bizarre, at best, and such big arms must create an enormous amount of stress on your traps and spine!

                      Anyhow, the Olympian who keeps bragging about his arms having been over 22 inches (in fact, I think that he may have won an Olympia, or maybe two, or seven) is, in fact, pissing mighty rivers down your leg and insisting that the mother of all rain storms is upon you. At 6'1" tall, this Olympian would have had to weigh about 308 pounds for his arms to be even close to 22 inches around. However, his competition weight was roughly 235 pounds. Of course, maybe his bodyfat was minus 15%..."


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                        You mean to tell me their calves are equal in size?????:smokin::smokin::smokin:
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                          i dont know, TH, their calves dont look all that different, its not like one's are dramatically bigger or anything...
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                            Arnold's calves in the movie "twins" were pretty damn big if I can remember correctly.

                            It's been a few years but I remember seeing them and thinking they were rather large.
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                              Were those Arnold Pics from Pumping Iron? He wasn't quite at his all time biggest for that Olympia, but one really can't compare these guys. Two different eras, two different physiques.
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