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  • DC for Contest Prep?

    Hello All. Newbie here. Current height 5'10", weight 201lbs. Started DC October 2017 at 180 lbs. At the 180lb weight my Bench was 285lbx1, Squat 340x1, and deadlift 440x1. Found a Ron Harris article and a suggested plan. 3 Months later scale was up to 196lbs and could still see abs...faded abs.

    I selected a few different movements to address weaknesses(visual and physical). Loving the results so far as i am into week 9 of my current blast.

    My question is can dc protocol be used for contest prep as well? Understanding that I may have to adjust carbs and cardio amount, I would still like to incorporate the rest/pause but with isolation movements.

    Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Poppatop I've seen a few threads that spoke about this. I am going to see if I can find them for you.


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      DC is fine for a prep phase but know that you aren't going to be beating the log book as you get deep into prep mode.


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        i use a dc training type and it work very well


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          Thanks guys. This training protocol has worked great for me. Wish I would have learned about this 20 years ago. I was struck by a quote from Dante [ Are you going to be a happy man at 50 years old when you look back and think "Wow I screwed up, I never looked like a bodybuilder, never achieved my goals, never got dramatically bigger, and its gone now.....IM too old to make up for that lost time" ]. I dont want to be that guy.

          That point about the difficulty in beating the log book deep in prep is something I will keep in mind. Right now beat the log book is the mantra and its so engrained I have not needed to use a stim based preworkout for months.


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            can u post the plan by Ron ? thanks


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              Originally posted by mountolympus View Post
              can u post the plan by Ron ? thanks
              Sure thing. Below is the program i used from an article written by Nate Green. He interviewed someone with the initials SM(thats what the article stated).

              Exercise Sets Reps
              Workout A1
              • Barbell incline bench press 1 11-15 RP
              • Dumbbell seated military press 1 15-30 RP
              • Dip 1 15-20 RP
              • Wide-grip lat pulldown 1 15-20 RP
              • Deadlift 2 5-8 or 9-12 SS
              Workout B1
              • Barbell curl 1 20-30 RP
              • Hammer curl 1 11-20 SS
              • Standing calf raise 1 10-12 SS *
              • Glute-ham raise 1 15-20 RP
              • Leg press 2 4-8 SS +WM
              Workout A2
              • Dumbbell flat bench press 1 20-30 RP
              • Barbell seated military press 1 11-15 RP
              • Close-grip bench press 1 11-15 RP
              • Hammer Strength pulldown machine 1 15-20 RP
              • Barbell bent-over row 1 10-12 SS
              WEEK 2
              Workout B2
              • Preacher curl 1 20-30 RP
              • Barbell reverse curl 1 11-20 SS
              • Leg-press calf raise 1 10-12 SS
              • Lying leg curl 1 15-20 RP
              • Back squat 2 4-8 SS + WM
              Workout A3
              • Hammer Strength flat bench press 1 11-15 RP
              • Smith machine seated military press 1 11-15 RP
              • EZ-bar skull crusher 1 15-30 RP
              • Close-grip chin-up 1 15-20 RP
              • T-bar row 1 10-12 SS
              Workout B3
              • Dumbbell curl 1 20-30 RP
              • Pinwheel curl 1 11-20 SS
              • Seated calf raise 1 10-12 SS
              • Machine hack squat 2 6-10 SS + WM
              • Barbell Romanian deadlift * 1 10-15 SS


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                As of January 2018 I've been using this program I found in article from Ron Harris.

                • incline smythe press (11-15rp)
                • hammer strength press (11-15rp)
                • decline barbell press (11-15rp)

                • front rack chins (11-20rp)
                • close grip pulldowns (11-15rp)
                • front pulldowns (11-15rp)

                • deadlifts straight sets (6-9reps) + (9-12reps)
                • T-bar rows straight set (10-12 reps)
                • rack deadlifts (6-9reps) + (9-12reps)

                • military presses (11-20rp)
                • hammer strength presses (11-15rp)
                • upright rows (11-20rp)


                • squats (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest and then (20 rep widowmaker)
                • Split Squats-Smith (as above)
                • leg press (as above)

                • lying leg curls (15-30rp)
                • Hyperextensions (15-30rp)
                • sumo press leg press (pressing with heels only- straight set of 15-25 reps)

                • preacher curls (11-20rp)
                • barbell drag curls (11-20rp)
                • dumbell curls (11-20rp)

                • pinwheel curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
                • hammer curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
                • reverse grip one arm cable curls (straight set 10-20 reps)

                • reverse grip bench presses (11-20rp)
                • close grip bench presses (11-20rp)
                • db tricep extentions (15-30rp) (elbow safety)

                Calves: (all calves are done with an enhanced negative, meaning up on big toe, 5 seconds lowering down to full stretch and then a brutal 10-15 seconds in the stretched position and then back up on the big toe again. It really separates the mice and the men--this is an all straight set)
                • leg press toe press (10-12 reps)
                • hack squat toe press/sled (10-12 reps)
                • seated calf raises (10-12 reps)

                And I still incorporate the same split of:
                Week One:

                • Monday: Workout A
                • Wednesday: Workout B
                • Friday: Workout A

                Week Two:
                • Monday: Workout B
                • Wednesday: Workout A
                • Friday: Workout B

                Every "A" workout targets these body parts, in this order:
                1. Chest
                2. Shoulders
                3. Triceps
                4. Back width
                5. Back thickness

                The "B" workout hits these muscles, in this order:
                1. Biceps
                2. Forearms
                3. Calves
                4. Hamstrings
                5. Quads


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                  thank u very much


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                    I have often wondered about this to... is it effective to use DC training during a prep? I mean you will be eating a lot less of everything this includes the high protein that is recommended. Also since the program is based around killing the log book... prep doesn?t lend itself to continued strength gains. So it?s something I have wondered about. Thanks guys