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  • 2 days a week

    What split should someone follow if he can go to the gym only 2 times per week due to job? For DC training...

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    Is it OK to continue with DC 2day split?


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      Training frequency will be low(er). But you will still make progress.
      Yes it is okay, but you are sacrificing advantages of DC training by only doing it 2 days a week and training back to back days.

      -Are you someone who needs to do the same lifts frequently in order to make progress?
      The 3 sets of different lifts per body part will be hit much less often. How will this infrequency of performing each lift affect you personally? (in your experience?)

      Personally, I would do something else, a 2 way split (same as dc) or with pushing muscles and legs/back on the other day but with the same lifts each week and change as needed rather than a constant rotation... or possibly alternate the main lift every other week. Also, I'd go with less intensity than a rest/pause set/rep scheme like straight sets.

      Can you throw in a body weight work out mid week? dips, pull ups, 1 leg squats? How long are you constricted to 2 days/wk on weekends only?
      Come up with something basic IMO and go at it.. and really pay attention to your diet all week.


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        what about your job is holding you back from working out more than two days a week ?


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          Here in Greece you have to do Compulsory military service for 9 months. So some weeks I will be free at my home and be able and do training 3 days album the most of the weeks I will only be able to do 2 training sessions because I will be in the military Base and there is nothing to do


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            I'd say with 2 days in the gym to focus on upper body one day and lower body/legs on the second day. Just a thought...


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              Anything wrong with 2 old school full body sessions per week?

              I love them when I cannot do more.

              Day one starts with upper and ends with lower body. Day two the opposite. As long as they are not consecutive daye it will be fine - especially for only 9 months.
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