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  • Not another First Timer thread

    Hi all. Ive been lurking under a different username that was tied to a safe-mail account, and well, cant reset that password. And I figured since I would be posting photos here, I dont really want my alias from darker forums to be associated.

    Anyway, I've been training for 5ish years. I had no one to look to and started doing "pro" workouts and had no idea about diet. Started focusing on diet about 3 years ago, still not really understanding it but tracking macros with myfitnesspal and noticing what different changes did to my physique. Started to comprehend that whole foods/lower gi sources worked better at keeping me lean, and that I could WAY over eat protein if I was hungry, and have really no negative side effects.

    Living in Las Vegas as a police officer was hectic. Night shift for 4 years with 3 of the top 10 most violent streets in the nation all within a square mile of each other. Hard to stick to training/diet when you're hardly sleeping and under constant stress. Moved to Bend, OR about 1.5 years ago and hired Matt Porter as my diet coach. I learned a GREAT deal about myself and how my body works with him, and feel I have a very good grasp on diet for MY BODY now. Did my first bbing show Oct 2014 and took 2nd place in novice light heavies at 197lbs. BUT, im 6'2"... Needless to say I needed more size.

    Trained hard, but followed a lot of what the current trend is right now - mountaindog. Not to say that theres anything wrong with it, however I've never really taken the steps to be progressive on my lifts and just focused on hypertrophy and supersets and getting gucci with everything (bands etc). I dont feel I'm at the super advanced point to really capitalize on that, and thus started reading on DC Training. I was lucky enough to find a Jason Wojo DC Training video, and have watched that about 4 times now. Ive read articles everywhere, and stickies here numerous times. I think I have a basic understanding and am ready to pull the trigger come January.

    Work is a little odd for me, 4on/4off, rotating every 2 months from days to mids to graves. Days and Mids are easiest to train for me, while nights gets a little jumbled, but I make it work.

    im 27 years old, 6'2", sitting around 235lbs right now in the pix attached. I dont plan on competing next year due to financial issues (a home for my family is more important than spending money on supps, coaching, npc card, tanning, entry fees, etc), and just want to focus on getting as big as i possibly can. I get diet for myself, and have always had to employ carb cutoffs anyway so its not new to me.

    Below I have listed the 2 way, MWF that I plan to execute. I'm finishing up on John Meadows Omega program and will take ~10 days off/minimum light training to let my body recuperate. Then come January when I'm back on days schedule, Hop into my first round of DC. Ive seen a lot of people say NO WIDOWMAKER sets for newbies, however I've incorporated these already in my regular training. If im told absolutely not in responses, then I'll drop them. I am reluctant on the static holds however, so any suggestions there would be appreciated on whether to keep them or drop them until I get more advanced.
    Sorry for the LOOOONG post!

    Workout A - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back Width, & Back Thickness
    Workout B - Biceps, Forearms, Calves, Hamstrings, & Quadriceps

    Chest - Incline BB 11-15 RP + 30sec static
    Shoulders - Seated DB Press 11-15 RP + 30sec Static
    Tricep - Skull Crushers 15-30 RP
    Back Width - Wide width, Pronated grip pulldowns 11-15 RP + 20sec static
    Back Thickness - Rack Pulls 6-9 SS + 9-12 SS

    Chest - Smith Flat Press 11-15 RP + 30sec static
    Shoulder - Seated Smith Overhead Press 11-20 RP +30 sec static
    Tricep - Incline Close Grip Smith Press 11-20 RP
    Back Width - Shoulder width, Neutral grip pulldowns 11-15 RP + 20sec static
    Back Thickness - Chest Supported tbar row 10-12 SS

    Chest - Hammer wide press 11-15 RP + 30sec static
    Shoulder - Hammer Shouler Press 11-15 RP + 30sec static
    Tricep - Dips 11-15 RP
    Back Width - Rack Chins 11-15 RP + 20sec static
    Back Thickness - Narrow grip cable row 2x 8-12 SS

    Biceps - Seated DB Curls 15-20 RP + 30sec Static
    Forearms - DB Hammer Curls 15-20 SS
    Calves - Seated Calf Raise 10-12 SS (5 down, 20 hold)
    Hamstrings - Glute-Ham raise 20-30 RP
    Quads - Leg Press 6-10 SS + 20WM

    Biceps - Pracher EZ Curls 11-15 RP + 30sec Static
    Forearms - Reverse grip EZ Curls 15-20 SS
    Calves - Leg Press Calf raise 10-12 SS (5 down, 20 hold)
    Quads - Hack Squat 6-8 SS + 20WM
    Hamstrings - SLDL 12-15 RP

    Biceps - Standing BB Curls 15-20 RP + 30sec Static
    Forearms - BB Wrist Curls 15-20 SS
    Calves - Standing Calf raise 10-12 SS (5 down, 20 hold)
    Hamstring - Lying Leg Curl 20-30 RP
    Quads - Squats 6-8 SS + 20WM
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    Welcome. Looking large and in charge
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      great physique boss...
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        Thanks guys. Hoping i can really tack on some size to be competitive in npc shows in bbing over the next couple years. My height is my crutch unfortunately


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          Ya being tall in this sport is a bitch, you have a well balanced physique though. If you come in crazy shredded with a little more size you should do pretty good!
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            Love the physique I'm also tall so I know the struggle is real
            I see you didn't take a s#!t before deadlifting....
            I too like to live dangerously


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              Thanks guys. I have no other hobbies. I dont play sports. If anyone is in the know about central oregon, specifically bend, youll know its a mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, show shoeing, completely outdoor trendy craft brew city. Im kinda against the grain.

              Wife and i train regularly, i cook for the both of us and run her diet. She toys with the idea of competing, but her extreme mexican side comes out and she fucking loses it if she thinks of getting anything other than 1st place.

              We may go out once every other week for dinner and frozen yogurt, but its nice to have a wife that enjoys staying on a meal plan and no kids. At the beginning of the year i was pushing 7000kcal daily trying to grow before my thyroid took a shit (hashimotos). Seems like i can get by on much LESS food now to grow taking 100mcg prescribed t4. Which honestly is nice, i hated looking at 4c of oatmeal squares and 2c of egg whites and hating my life.

              Cant wait to give this a go next year, gonna focus a little on tightening up (recomp if you will) to better utilize nutrients come january!


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                Great base at that height. Good luck!