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  • Going against the grain

    Im obviously new to the forum and new to DC training.
    I have been lifting hard for about 3 years and at 37 years old I have had great success. I started at 205lbs got up to 250lbs and i now sit at 240lbs @ 5'-11".
    Just finished a Hatfield peaking program and was happy with the results.
    425 bench
    500 squat
    515 dead.
    255 shoulder press

    Previously I rotated periodization with rest pause training so I am familiar with the concept. Quite surprised I didn't find DC training sooner. Anyway on with it.....

    I would like to say that after reading Dantes posts, I am impressed with his training principles and who he is as a person. I love going against the grain and using less volume. Jonny teenager and Jo gym rat look at me perplexed while Im benching 405, in and out of the gym in an hour, and they train chest for 3 hours twice a week and haven't added any strength in 2 years. I also find it interesting how many people study my routine now that im a DC disciple.

    In the spirit of going against the grain, I have started my wife on DC training. I keep her strict to form and I monitor her safety at all times. Her functional strength has increased dramatically. Her exposure to lifting has been minor at best. We don't lift for bodybuilding or power lifting meets. We train to beat the man in the mirror. We train because the barbell is the enemy. We train for the sole purpose of the lift itself. It is a passion unsurpassed.

    So for anyone who reads this.
    -DC is for anyone who takes this seriously....SERIOUSLY.
    -don't bastardize the don't need to.
    -do the stretches...they are actually important.
    -read everything Dante as written, it is actually important.
    I will continue on this thought in a later post......

    -after starting DC I have hit 3 new PR on different lifts. (for reps)
    -My soreness last longer on low volume technique than volume lifting.
    -expect some CNS shock from time to time. (gauge this for your cruise)
    -if you do this shit right you'll know your doing this shit right.
    I will also continue on this thought in a later post......

    PS. Hey Dante.....Thanks man, really.

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    Welcome to the forum


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      Hey there welcome today the forum!


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        We train because the barbell is the enemy
        I guess we're all different, I never see it that way. The barbell is my friend. I guess motivation comes from different places.

        Now....2x Bacon Double Cheese XL meals from Bk. Now that could be the enemy, but man they went down a treat after trashing myself on a lower body workout last night. I'm sure my nervous system was still shot a good 3-4 hours later with finding my breathing still a little labored.
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          Thanks for the welcome guys.

          Just think of it this way....the barbell delivers the pain/or what I say in the gym. "Im gonna chew that bar in half" followed by a prompt "ahhhhhhgrrrr" hahahahah
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            There are two points Dante mentioned in his threads that stick out to me the most.

            -There is a perceived mental muscular failure and true muscular failure
            -The weight/or load is infinite.
            After reading that I started to get it.
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              Can I give you an avatar please
              Ph.D., Theoretical Physics '16
              kind of a douche


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                "Going against the grain"

                I thought this was a nut shaving technique thread.

                Nice lifts though.
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                  Originally posted by Sammich View Post
                  Can I give you an avatar please
                  Oh god...

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                    Sammich, looking a

                    nut shaving thread.....omg ima die laughing.

                    Please remember ignorance is permitted here. I am sorry for sounding hypocritical about saying follow whats written and than have my wife start a DC program while she is totally green. But the program is great for her. I have experience with rest pause and static holds from doing various routines from Hatfield and others. She loves the variation and it keeps her interested. She dosent mind the pain.....says its nothing compared to having two kids natty.

                    The whole point of the thread is really just
                    -Im astonished at how gym peeps are really studying my routine. It is quite different
                    -How Dante dosent want people changing DC all up and still claiming its DC.
                    -Plus I just wanted to get started in here and get to know some of yall who are still active in the forum
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                      Wow, just hit 2 new PR today. One of them being 2 rep increase on deads. Thats 5 new pr's in 2 weeks.

                      My wife is killing it....crazy.

                      Im just astonished with this.


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                        Originally posted by Colokrom View Post
                        Wow, just hit 2 new PR today. One of them being 2 rep increase on deads. Thats 5 new pr's in 2 weeks.

                        My wife is killing it....crazy.

                        Im just astonished with this.

                        Nice work! I followed a DC program for a couple of years when I was trying to grow. Did great things for me.
                        I'll be following you all 😉
                        "This is your life. It is the only one you get. So no excuses, and no do-overs. If you make a mistake or fail at something you learn from it, you get over it and you move on. Your job is to be the very best person you can be and to never settle for anything less."
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                          I still cant believe im just now finding out about DC. I am really quite surprised at the instant strength increase. being 240lbs and a natural lifter, I thought that I had peaked. NOPE!!

                          May start a journal.


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                            Awesome thread. I almost started one like this recently, since I am about to finish my first blast in about 3 years. I took that time off from full time DC training because I was competing in armwrestling. That does a number on your ligaments and tendons.

                            Colokrom, great progress! What is your diet like?


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                              I think your feedback is great. I have never been one to believe that DC is for only a select portion of the lifting community.

                              I do not believe that the weight/load is infinite, either.


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